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Stress Strains - Because Who Couldn’t Use Some Chill Right Now?

Remember just a few months ago when you would take a quick hit from a bowl to calm your nerves a bit before going on a Tinder date? Remember how your friends would give you shit because you smoked cannabis to help you sleep and how they said you were wasting your money when you asked the budtender which strain would help you relax at the end of the day? All those late nights when the only thing that provided a mental block between you and your neighbor’s never-ending parties was a pinch of freshly ground herb? Pepperidge Farm remembers…and so do we! But alas, we find ourselves in what seems to be a completely different era when compared to...

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Bowls, Bongs & Blunts: How Your Smoking Tool Affects the Experience

Smoking weed has transformed from an activity that you did with your friends in the woods to, well, an art form. We’ve all been there, a buddy shotguns his beer so you guys have an empty can. Someone pulls out their keys to poke a hole for your bud as well as a hole on the side in an attempt to create some semblance of a razor sharp, aluminum carb. Someone pulls out some dry seedy cannabis straight from their pocket and drops it on top of the empty can. Everyone would gather ‘round and pass a blisteringly hot aluminum can around, unsure if the coughing fit was because the weed was so damn dry or because the aluminum can...

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Size Matters: How Flames Affect Weed

We live in a world where the “bigger is better” mentality is thriving. Remember the opposite trend a couple of decades ago when things were a bit different? When each new generation of cellphone was more compact than the last. When the popular new vehicles included words like “Mini” or “Smart” in their names. When your girlfriend’s handbag couldn’t double as an overnight duffle? At some point in the past 20 years, society has shifted this mentality and, in most cases, for the worst. Sure, there are a few things that used to follow the “bigger is better” mindset that we’re happy to have seen drift into history… oversized suits, hairstyles, your girlfriend’s ex who gave her that stupid overnight...

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The Truth About Covid-19 and Cannabis

Here you are, sitting through your last Zoom meeting of the day as the nation begins to slowly open back up from the Coronavirus shutdowns. Just a few short months ago, this may have been the time of day where your friends would begin texting you to meet them out or perhaps, you’re the lone wolf type who prefers a tranquil post-work decompressing. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is probably safe to assume that if you’re reading this article, there is a shared similarity across the board… you’re going to enjoy some cannabis at the end of the day (or beginning of the day for our wake and bake buddies… we’ve got love for you too!).  But...

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Summer Strains 2020: Popular Marijuana Strains to Beat the Heat

June 20th marks the official first day of summer and you can admit it, this year will look a bit different than previous years.  Just a few months ago, you likely envisioned yourself spending the summer of 2020 working on that golden tan, late nights partying with your friends and milking hangovers. Well, we have some good news and some bad news. Unless you’ve recently suffered a “greenout” (the stoner’s version of a blackout) or have gone off the grid completely, you've already figured out the bad news. We’re in the middle of some wild times worldwide and the traditional, idyllic summer is likely not in the cards for most of us. With everything else aside, some good news is that the cannabis industry is still booming!...

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