Why Hemp Rolling Papers are a Must in Every Stoner’s Arsenal

Why Hemp Rolling Papers are a Must in Every Stoner’s Arsenal

Why Hemp Rolling Papers are a Must in Every Stoner’s Arsenal

Why Hemp Rolling Papers are a Must in Every Stoner’s Arsenal

We get it, you probably read the title of this post and thought to yourself, “…but I don’t smoke that much… I’ve graduated to vaping” or even worse, “ugh..smoking is so 2004. Who does that now?” Here’s the thing, just because you’ve not been smoking doesn’t mean that the smoking game hasn’t been changing behind the scenes. We’re not going to sit here and try to convince you that combustion is a healthier alternative that other cannabis consumption methods, but in the same line of thought, do we truly have enough evidence to say if one method is better than the other? If you’re gonna smoke, you’re gonna smoke, there’s no stopping you. So why not make the switch to hemp papers? Let’s take a look at why we think hemp rolling papers are a must in every stoner’s arsenal.

There’s something nostalgic about grinding up your bud and rolling up a joint, or if you’re doing it up big, a blunt. Up until just a few years ago, there was a pretty small selection of rolling papers for tokers to choose from. You basically had the option of cutting open a tobacco blunt and pouring out the contents (which meant that you were still consuming nicotine from the wrap). The other option was buying one of those tiny packs of rolling papers that were impossibly difficult to maneuver because of how thin they were, and who knows if they had any additives. 

As time progressed and additional demand was created due to the budding cannabis industry, brands started jumping on board with their own proprietary rolling papers. We’ve all seen the fruity flavored papers and the gold foil wraps (still a little counterintuitive to combust foil if you ask us!) As society furthered their health consciousness, the movement of rolling papers followed. Brands began realizing the need to steer away from tobacco leaf or nicotine containing wraps and rolling papers and thus began the “let’s make as pure of a product as possible” movement.

As you’ve probably noticed at your local dispensary, the majority of rolling papers and wraps these days are derived from hemp. As you’re probably aware, hemp is simply a “categorization” given to a Cannabis Sativa plant that contains less than 0.3% THC (per the 2018 Farm Bill). This means that all of those hemp papers and hemp wraps that you see lining the shelves are made from the same plant that you’re about to smoke out of them! 

How are Hemp Rolling Papers Better Than the Other Stuff?

The question that seems to always come up is, “How are hemp papers better than any other paper?” There are countless ways in which this is the case. The first thing you will notice is that hemp papers are much stronger than the traditional rice paper which is what many of us are familiar with if you have rolled many joints in your life. The beauty in hemp rolling papers is that even though they’re less likely to rip or tear compared to rice paper, they [hemp papers] are just as versatile (if not more) than any of those stupidly thin papers you’re used to. 

Will My Weed Taste Different with Hemp Papers?

Absolutely, but in a good way! In fact, many users report “truly tasting their bud for the first time” when making the switch to rolling with hemp paper. This happens because the majority of hemp papers forgo additives and artificial flavoring during the production process. These additives oftentimes result in a synthetic or off-putting aftertaste. However, substituting your traditional wraps for hemp papers usually translates to a “purer” experience, as described my many. 

I’ve Heard About Slower Burns, is This True?

As if you needed more reasons to make the switch to hemp paper and wraps, here’s another factor to keep in mind: slower burn times. Typically, a well-maintained hemp paper will burn more slowly than traditional rice papers. This is likely due to hemp being a more durable, dense fiber which means it combusts at a slower rate. Additionally, a dense fiber will be able to retain more moisture than less dense fibers, also lending to a slower burn. If you need a real-life comparison, think about the difference in the toilet paper at a 5-star hotel compared to what you find at a gas station. They’re both toilet paper and they both get the job done; however, the gas station TP will probably be a shittier experience (sorry…we couldn’t help ourselves!). 

I Tried Hemp Paper That I Found in an old Coat Pocket and Wasn’t Impressed

If you found half a baggie of old, dried out weed in your pocket, would you expect it to taste like premium dispensary bud? Point is, you have to treat your papers and wraps with as much care as you do your actual bud. Just like you don’t put the cheapest tires on an exotic sports car and expect it to perform just as well. Just like cannabis, rolling papers need TLC as well. If you’ve let your wraps completely dry out, chances are that they’re going to be harsh regardless of what they’re made from. We recommend keeping your papers in their own air-tight jar with the rest of your stash. For bonus points, you can throw a humidity control pack in for good measure. Not only will this make your papers less prone to cracking when you’re rolling, it will also make for a smoother experience for your throat. 

Am I Actually Helping the Environment? 

Okay…look, we’re not going to candy coat things and try to tell you that by using hemp papers, you’re a beacon of environmental activism. That said, the planet is losing about 15 billion trees annually. While we understand that wood pulp isn’t really used for other types of rolling papers, this doesn’t change the fact that hemp farming is much more sustainable than other types of bulk-agriculture practices. This net-positive effect on the environment is a welcome factor because according to Business Wire, the hemp industry is estimated to grow nearly 600% in the next five years (from $4.6 billion to $26.6 billion). This means more hemp farming which results in less clear-cutting. Who doesn’t love getting roasted in the middle of a walk through the forest?


If you’ve read this far into the article, you probably fall into the “yes, I’m a smoker” category, which is fine…we’ve got love for you! Our question that we want to pose is, why not make the switch to hemp papers if you haven’t already? You’ll probably get more bang for your buck, cough a little less, and that friend who is constantly waiting for you to pass the J will thank you as well.  

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