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It doesn’t matter if you’re just exploring or a seasoned pro, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by our organic hemp wick.

How can I be so sure you ask?

Because I’ve searched the world over to find the highest quality handcrafted hemp wick guaranteed to deliver…

  • The most consistent burn you’ll find – no hotspots or dead spots.
  • No flavor distractions - good hemp wick should never interfere with flavor.
  • Healthier for you - smoke the herb not the butane.
  • Earth friendly – sustainable, organic, chemical free.


If you’re a first time hemp wick user or an old pro that has yet to try Twisted Bee, here’s some things you should know when you join our community:

You’ve made an earth friendly decision.

Hemp sets the standard for sustainable and earth friendly farming. Hemp takes less land to grow, is friendly to the soil, and is quickly becoming a profitable crop for farmers around the world.

Hemp is resistant to most insects virtually eliminating the need for pesticides. Contrast that with cotton, which is grown on 3% of the earth’s best soil and uses a whopping 26% of the world’s pesticides.

You’ve made a healthy decision.

The health benefits of using organic hemp wick are it burns cleaner, cooler, and doesn’t add noxious gasses or bits of flint to your herb (or lungs) like butane does.

You’ve made a quality decision.

Twisted Bee organic hemp wick burns consistent. You’ll find no hot spots or dead spots in our hemp wick. It won’t drip beeswax on you (or your friends) and you don’t end up with ashes in your lap.

You’ve made a “handy” decision.

Twisted Bee hemp wick is handy to have around! You can light anything with it like fine tobaccos for your pipe, cigar, or hookah. And don’t forget hemp wick is 10x’s stronger than cotton string that’s why so many of our customers are using it in their gardens. Plus, the beeswax makes it mold and mildew resistant and it attracts bees. The uses are endless!

You’ve made an intelligent decision.

Discerning hemp wick users report all kinds of things that they notice about lighting up with hemp. Cleaner taste, Smoother, less harsh hits, the ability to take deeper hits, some have reported their throat feels better and some say they have noticed they smoke less because their herb seems to go further.

And we accomplish all of this by providing you the highest quality experience possible! Feel free to shoot me a message below, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.



Owner, Twisted Bee

Oh yeah, and we are a small U.S.A. business based out of Massachusetts. I hope you enjoy our journey together.