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What to Expect for Cannabis in 2021

We’ve made it. 2020 is officially behind us. The year that was supposed to be a huge hit for cannabis was overshadowed by COVID-19 and a roller coaster political cycle. Hopefully, as 2021 progresses and we’re able to regain a sense of normalcy, we will begin to see progression in the world of cannabis legalization and regulation once again.  Not all was lost in 2020… 2020 wasn’t a complete bust for cannabis progression. The states that had some sort of cannabis regulation/legalization on the ballots last November were all successful in passing their proposed changes. Arizona citizens voted in favor of allowing adult-use cannabis, alongside Montana, who’s residents voted for recreational use of cannabis and for a bill that implements...

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Allstar Strains - 2020’s Most Popular Strains

Here we are…the end of the year that felt like it was never going to end. Hopefully you’ve got health in your corner and are ready to hit the ground running in 2021. Given the political landscape, it seems like next year could shape up to be a rather historical one for cannabis. We’re pretty sure that nobody feels like recapping 2020, but there’s always room to explore the all-star strains of the year. Let’s take a look at 2020’s most popular strains. GG4 (aka Gorilla Glue #4) We know what you’re thinking…”but this strain is on the most popular list EVERY year!” and you’re not wrong. The thing is, this potent strain has earned its spot in most popular...

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Surviving the Holidays While High

We’ve all been there, you thought you could take a small hit to relax a bit before meeting up with the family for a holiday gathering. That “small hit” turns into “well, I guess I need to cache this bowl out first” then, “I’ll smoke something lighter so I’m not completely stoned” to “okay, maybe I’ll just roast this bowl since it is weak and then I’ll just hit a vape pen before walking inside.”  You know where this is going by now, don’t you? Next thing you know, you’re sitting in your parents’ driveway, frantically trying to find a “soothing” radio station while googling “how t mke me not so high” and praying for autocorrect to take pity on...

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Munchies - A Guide to Communicating with Your Stomach While High

Munchies…considered by most as the gift and the curse of cannabis. A gift in the sense that when you’re experiencing them, chances are that you’re high as hell (assuming that was the goal) and a curse in the sense that you’re going to regret the sleeve of Oreos and leftover wings you just plowed through. We’ve all been there, talking yourself out of the cupboard, deleting the UberEats app until you’re sober again, or trying to convince yourself that broccoli will fill the void in your stomach. That’s why we decided to put together a guide to communicating with your stomach while high. It is doubtful that you came here looking for a neurobiology lesson but understanding what actually causes...

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Danksgiving 2020 - Cooking with Cannabis

Thanksgiving is the most delicious day of the year, especially for stoners! All the best foods are put together into a wonderful feast for all…but there’s something better…something we like to call Danksgiving. What is Danksgiving, you may ask. Well. simply put, it’s the stoner take on Thanksgiving. Recipes are infused with cannabis and shared amongst friends. We here at Twisted Bee love Danksgiving and look forward to it every year. So, we decided to put together a little list of some classic recipes with a cannabis twist. Here’s our guide to Danksgiving 2020, cooking with cannabis.  Everything in this article can be made right at home. There are no special tools needed, unless you count cannabis as a tool....

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