Cannabis Tourism - Planning a Vacation Around a Plant

Cannabis Tourism - Planning a Vacation Around a Plant

Imagine what this experience would be like if we were high.” …these are the famous words that you’re likely to hear from anyone who has a love for cannabis and is visiting a really cool location (assuming they’re not already high). Fortunately, as over half the US states implement some form of cannabis regulation, experiencing the wonders of our nation while enjoying your bud has become an exceptionally popular activity. This has led to an entirely new type of travel amongst all demographics, cannabis tourism. This week, we’re going to look into some of the latest and greatest weed-related travel trends while we help you with planning a vacation around a plant. 

But, What’s so Unique About Cannabis Tourism? 

If you are in an area that has a flourishing cannabis program in place, you’re probably furrowing your brow in skepticism at the idea that a jar of bud is going to revolutionize your travels. An understandable thought, but let’s explore how some top-shelf, primo cannabis can put a new spin on old places. 


You see, cannabis tourism isn’t just for the unfortunate folks who reside in regressive states who still refer to weed as “the Devil’s Lettuce” and are simply looking for a location where they can publicly enjoy some legal bud. Think about this, have you ever been on a winery or vineyard tour and tasting with a group of friends (or even solo if you’re the lone-wolf type)? Pretty fun, huh? Ever considered a similar activity except it is a cannabis grow operation tour and then you spend some time sampling all their freshest, proprietary strains? You may consider yourself a veteran when it comes to having tried countless strains, but just like most sommeliers would never turn down an opportunity for a winery tour, you too should never find yourself “too experienced” for a behind the scenes look at what goes into growing, harvesting, curing, and preparing your bud. Grow tours are simply one example of how a cannabis-focused vacation can shine a new light on old concepts. Let’s look at some others.

Bud and Breakfast

Chances are that if you’re traveling and need a place to stay, you head straight to AirBNB to find a spot and if you’re a rule follower (which, you are…right?), you’ve probably noticed that nearly all listings have a zero-tolerance policy for smoking or vaping on the property. Fortunately, there’s now a solution to this. Next time you’re planning a trip and need a canna-friendly place to stay, check out Bud and Breakfast. They’re essentially an AirBNB service that solely focuses on cannabis tourism and of course, provides canna-friendly lodging options. This prevents you from needing to sneak around to blaze up or locking yourself away in the bathroom as you exhale into the exhaust vents…not that any of you ever did that.

The Canna-Centric All Inclusive

Sounds too good to be true, right? This package offering from takes two guests to the weed mecca, Denver, Colorado. Here, they will spend 3 days, 2 nights partaking in all things ganja related. Upon landing in Denver, guests will be scooped up by a cannabis friendly private transportation service. From here, your private chauffeur will first take you and your guests to a local dispensary to stock up before the party begins. You’re then provided with a list of cannabis centric activities from which you select four. This impressive list includes activities like the “Blaze and Gaze Walking Tour, Complete Cannabis Grow Tour, Greenhouse Grow Tour, Concentrates Class, Sushi & Joint Rolling Class, Buds and Beers Grow Tour”, and more! 


Additionally, you and your guests will be treated to a 60-minute cannabis infused massage, a cannabis essentials gift bag, and more. They even offer a cannabis cooking class at an additional charge. Regardless if you live next to a dispensary and you have all the access to weed that you could ever dream of, there’s something special and enchanting about taking a trip that is solely built around this lovely plant. 

And for the Outdoorsy Type

“But…I don’t want to spend my vacation in a city! I want to experience nature!” Say no more, we’ve got something for you as well. High 5 Tours is becoming one of the premier canna-adventure providers for those who need to get their nature fix. Based out of Portland, Oregon, High 5 Tours offers several unique packages that are certain to delight even the most experienced cannabis tourist. They describe themselves as a “cannabis tour company that provides guests with a look at Portland’s growing cannabis industry.” [1] Their CannaPDX tour, which is held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at, you guessed it, 4:20PM, takes guests around the city in their revered “yellow pot bus” to show off Portland’s cannabis scene and of course this includes dispensary tours. Naturally, the last leg of this specific tour includes a stop for food and drinks. The tour package that has everyone talking though is the Multnomah Falls Tour which is held on Fridays at 11AM. Once again, guests load into the canna-friendly outfitted “yellow pot bus” to take a scenic tour of Portland’s famous Multnomah Falls as well as the Columbia River Gorge. The bus also makes a stop for guests to stock up at Be Wonderful Wellness, one of Portland’s premier cannabis grow and retail operations. In true stoner fashion, this tour also ends with a food stop to help curb those munchies. 

We’ve Just Scratched the Surface

Obviously, we wouldn’t be able to cover every aspect, tour, and option in terms of cannabis tourism in a single piece. Instead, our intent is to make our readers re-consider their opinion of cannabis tourism and recognize that it isn’t simply an activity reserved for someone who doesn’t have access to weed and wants to try it out (which of course, it is great for this purpose as well). One aspect to keep in mind as perhaps you are planning your final summer vacation or brainstorming for a winter getaway, is that we still live in a world where cannabis can vary widely from location to location. Just because you’re in say, California, and you’ve tried countless strains, doesn’t mean that those strains are going to necessarily taste or hit the same way on the other side of the country or even across state lines! Until we have federal legalization and guidance on how growers can transport cannabis across state lines, we will continue to have live in this unfortunate, but unique situation. We say, make the most of it! Choose a few of your favorite strains and try them in every state!



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