Best Summer Activities While High in a Post-Covid World

Best Summer Activities While High in a Post-Covid World
Last summer was a bit of a blur. It is crazy to think about the fact that, for most of us, the idea of a “good time” last year probably consisted of something like getting to chat with your neighbor across the street because you both checked the mail at the same time or getting a nod from the cutie at the grocery store as you were both masked up (are you sure that was a nod and not just them fighting with their mask)? However, as lockdowns, quarantines, masks, and Covid all become a relic of the past, and things begin to normalize again, you may have found yourself twiddling your thumbs because you’re not sure what to spend your summer doing. Your pals at Twisted Bee are here to help as always. We’ve put together a list of what we believe to be the best summer activities while high (duh!) in a post-Covid world.
Check Out an Art Gallery or Museum

Last year was rough on nearly all businesses, art galleries, and museums impacted by lockdowns and quarantine restrictions. So, what better time than now to spark up a fatty and spend some quality time admiring some of the historical wonders of the past? Of course, this type of activity is usually best reserved for those who already have an affinity for art or museums. If art isn’t your thing, then spend some time searching for a museum with specific exhibits that speak to your interests. Museums change up their exhibits frequently, so just because a museum doesn’t have anything that intrigues you currently doesn’t mean that they may not come at a later date.

Warm summer nights are undoubtedly the best time to spend time on your back staring into the night sky’s infinite abyss, waiting for the next shooting star. To be fair, this was a relatively safe activity during the pandemic as well, but now you can feel a little safer passing that blunt to your friends who decide to join you. Checking out the celestial bodies while not high can be an awe-inspiring event as is, but add in a heavy indica to the mix and be prepared to go to the next level! Grab some friends, munchies, and enough weed for the group before the summer's main event, the Perseid meteor shower, which occurs August 11th and 12th. This is typically the year's event for skywatchers given the number of meteors that are typically visible. On average, the Perseid event will produce about one shooting star every 60 seconds. This means plenty of time to spot some once-in-a-lifetime galactic fireworks, even if you miss a few because you were too busy working that blunt.
Go on a Stoner Picnic
Go ahead…roll your eyes at this idea. When was the last time you went on a proper picnic though? We’re talking, basket of food, picnic blanket, good friends, and plenty of weed? Probably never, because like most of us, we probably stopped going on picnics in elementary school. Such a shame this is, picnics aren’t just for kids. Spending time in the great outdoors by yourself or with friends is already an excellent way to switch things up and make some lasting memories. Now, add it your favorite summer strain and it’s a party! Why spend your time cooped up indoors smoking your bud when there’s an entire planet to explore? We recommend putting a bit of a spin on things and filling your picnic basket with your favorite stoner munchies. Assuming there’s a bit of a hike to your picnic destination, make a game out of the journey by roasting your bowl on the trek there. This will ensure that you’re nice and stoned just in time to dive into your picnic basket of munchies. Just don’t forget to be a compassionate stoner and clean up your mess…which leads us to our next activity.
Litter Cleanup
This one may not necessarily sound “fun” to most of us but think about it in these terms: the Earth gave us the cannabis plant and oh, how we love it. Doesn’t it seem fair and appropriate to give back to the planet every now and then? If you’re down for some symbiotic relationship fun, grab a box of garbage bags, a pair of gloves, roll up a few blunts, and head to an area where smoking in public is allowed. From here, just turn some music on, spark up that blunt, and start gathering any litter you can find. If the area that needs cleaning isn’t smoker friendly, then it might be a job for edibles or a vape. This is another activity that you can bring friends along on and even turn into a game. Come up with a set of rules like when someone fills their garbage bag, they get to smoke a blunt or have another edible. Just make sure you’re safely disposing of everything and that you’ve got appropriate protective gear to guard against sharp or dangerous items. Not only will this get some serious cardio in, but you’ll feel like a contributing member of society afterward and Mother Earth will thank you.
Start a Garden
Gardening is widely considered therapeutic by those who do it. When we hear “gardening”, most of us instantly think, “I don’t have land for that! I live in the middle of a concrete jungle”. Reaping the benefits from gardening doesn’t have to require a plot of land and loads of equipment. There are countless options available for windowsill style planters or small balcony-friendly planter boxes. Gardening can be a stress reliever on its own, but when you add is some loud weed, it brings on a whole new level of Zen. For added fun, check to see if your state permits home grown cannabis. One of the most rewarding things for any green-thumb stoner is growing, harvesting, and curing cannabis that they’ve grown themselves!
Enough of us rambling though! We want to hear from our readers. Let us know what your favorite post-COVID summer activity has been so far and what you’ve got planned! 

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