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Cannabis Friendly Cool Weather Activities

Here we go, Autumn 2020 will likely be like no other in our lifetime. Typically, once the weather begins to cool down and the days become shorter, our biggest concern is staying warm with friends indoors. Thanks to our buddy COVID-19, indoor activities with friends are going to be pretty limited this year. That’s why we decided to put together a list of not just outdoor activities for cool weather, but a list of cannabis friendly outdoor activities. Grab your coat, let’s go!  Geocaching We bet you’ve heard of it, but have you actually tried it out for yourself? This has quickly become the hip trend amongst tech-savvy individuals (and even non-techie people). Geocaching is an activity that not only...

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Being Productive While High

Being high is an amazing thing. The relaxation, the creativity, the joy….it all makes for an indescribable feeling that grants us a temporary break from the realities of life. It is a feeling that many people try to capture whenever they possibly can, some of us more than others. Unfortunately, the amazing parts of being high also come with some downsides. Fortunately, however, these downsides aren’t cause for great concern, typically consisting of the munchies, bloodshot eyes and decreased motivation to do anything productive other than melting into your couch.  For the most part, stoners have sorted out methods to deal with the aforementioned downsides of being high. Take the munchies for instance -- instead of heading straight for the...

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Out of the Shadows - Cannabis is No Longer Hush-Hush in America

At the time of writing, 33 states have implemented medical cannabis programs and 12 U.S. states have legalized cannabis for recreational or adult use. It is safe to say that cannabis is now more widely accepted in the United States than it has been in the previous 90 years. Now, with our Canadian neighbors having fully legalized cannabis and our Mexican neighbors finalizing their guidelines for medical cannabis legalization, could the U.S. be next in line for some major progress in terms of cannabis legalization?  Cannabis is easily considered “mainstream” these days. The weed-lover culture is not only represented and accepted across media, but it is done so in a manner that is fairer than in the past. Sure, there...

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Gettin' Paid - An Introduction to Employment In The Legal Cannabis Industry

Let’s play a game. Raise your hand if you’re currently on the clock and sitting on the toilet while reading this. Chances are that more than just a handful of readers currently have their hand in the air. We will spare you the “it’s never too late to change your career” pep talk that you hear from your partner each time you whine about how much you hate your current job. Instead, we’re going to get right to the facts and discuss some entry points into the legal cannabis industry….we’ll just wait outside until you’re finished.  Choose Your Path Now that you’ve finished up (you did wash your hands, right?), let’s get down to it. You either already have a...

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Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate - Your New Entourage

We’re going to switch gears a bit for this piece and get a little scientific on you….don’t worry, it will only hurt for a moment and you’ll be thankful afterwards! Chances are, if you are a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve at some point, taken a dive into the world of CBD products. We all know CBD as “THC’s non-psychoactive cousin”. While this may deter some recreational users who simply consume bud to get high, we would urge you to not throw out the idea of CBD as a potentially beneficial cannabinoid just yet!  As if waltzing into a dispensary and selecting a THC product wasn’t confusing enough given all of the options, CBD products present even more choices for the consumer...

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