Enhance Your Flower’s Flavor with Hemp Wick

Enhance Your Flower’s Flavor with Hemp Wick

 Enhance Your Flower's Flavor with Hemp Wick 

Enhance Your Flower’s Flavor with Hemp Wick

You probably spend an embarrassing amount of cash on keeping your bud supply fully stocked, right? And that ever-growing collection of glass is also probably worth a pretty penny as well, huh? We bet you’ve even got a fancy three-stage aluminum grinder, custom rolling tray with your pet’s photo and probably vacuum sealed, humidity-controlled glass jars that are all properly labeled with whatever top-shelf strain of bud you’ve got stored, don’t you? If you do some soul-searching, you will probably realize (or perhaps you already do) that you’ve developed quite an expensive weed hobby over the years. So, doesn’t it seem a little odd that this “hobby” requires you to blast a hot flame on the flower you’ve collected? You spend so much time researching (or listening to a budtender blab about) terpenes and flavonoids that are responsible for the flower’s unique flavor only to absolutely toast them once you get home. Doesn’t make sense, does it? That’s why we want to fill you in on an art that stoners have picked up the past couple of years that has resulted in a revolutionary way to get the most out of your bud. Let’s discuss how you can enhance your flower’s flavor with hemp wick. 

What is a Flavonoid?

C’mon…you couldn’t figure it out by their name? Flavonoids are the naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis that are largely responsible for your bud’s flavor. It is estimated that flavonoids make up about 10% of the roughly 200 natural compounds found in cannabis. With a little math, that puts us at around 20 flavonoids, and these are just the ones that we’ve discovered so far, who knows how many others there could be! 

Flavonoids aren’t unique to just marijuana. These phytonutrients naturally occur in almost all fruits and veggies. They’re also responsible for more than just flavor. They have a laundry list of 


responsibilities like deterring harmful pests from eating them, attracting the good guys like pollinators and they can even act as sort of a sunscreen for plants by providing defense against UV rays. 

Since you’re not here to talk about the flavor of your eggplant, we will get back to cannabis. With over 6,000 flavonoids having been discovered in all plants, you will recall that there are only about 20 that have been found in cannabis. These unique flavonoids have been deemed “cannaflavins” by the scientific community. More specifically, they’re sub-divided into cannaflavin-A, cannaflavin-B, and cannaflavin-C. These cannaflavins can only be found in the cannabis plant. 

I’m Not Just Here for the Flavor

That’s the beauty of cannabis, all of the compounds in the plant have a symbiotic relationship, meaning they work together to create the uniqueness that we know as strains. Sure, flavonoids contribute largely to your bud’s flavor, but they also have other tasks as well. 

Cannaflavins are also responsible for your weed’s aroma (or “nose” for you fancy-pants smokers). These flavor makers are also the powerhouse dedicated to the color pigments in cannabis. Flavonoids like Anthocyanin are the reason your bud can have a deep purple coloration. 

If you don’t already have a new respect for flavonoids, you should also consider the potential health benefits that they may provide. It should be said that evidence for this is still in the early stages and/or anecdotal, but there are research labs around the world steadily working to unravel the possibilities that cannaflavins could serve as a health-promoting compound. Some of the hypothesized benefits of cannaflavins include anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidative, and antioxidant characteristics. Hopefully, researchers will have more definitive results from clinical trials sooner than later which would pave the way for isolating and utilizing these promising properties. 

So, What’s the Big Deal?

The “big deal” is that you’re probably not getting much, if even any at all, of the awesome cannaflavins in your weed that we’ve been talking about and it is all because of how you spark up! We’ve been drilling into your head, the importance of taming your flame for a while now and we’re back to continue proselytizing! 

If you’re not too stoned, you’ll recall the beginning of the article where we called you out about your pricey bud collection. You’re already paying for the flavor of your weed, so why destroy it with a traditional butane lighter or torch? If you’ve found yourself low-key thinking that all weed taste the same to you, then you’re probably guilty of bowl burn. That’s what happens when you engulf your bud with a flame intended for combustion. 

Truth be told, the concept of “smoking” cannabis should be tailored to be “vaporizing with as little combustion as possible”. We know that this isn’t going to happen for most people (don’t get us wrong, we love roasting a bowl or four in the evenings as well), but there is a simple change you can make that will leave you baffled as to why you didn’t try earlier. Replacing your traditional lighter with hemp wick!

But a Flame is a Flame, Right?

Wrong! The flame from a traditional butane lighter can reach up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit! This is multiples hotter than the temperature of the flame emitted by hemp wick. If you’re wondering why this matters, we’ve got answers! You see, most of the flavonoids (as well as terpenes and cannabinoids) that you’re trying to inhale from your weed have boiling points well below 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For example, beta-sitosterol begins to evaporate (meaning, it leaves the plant and becomes airborne…or inhalable) at 273 degrees Fahrenheit, so what do you think happens when it is almost instantly hit with a flame that’s 2500 degrees? If you guessed that it is nearly instantly degraded to combusted carbon garbage, you’d be correct! 

In fact, anything beyond about 440 degrees Fahrenheit is just going to combust your plant and you’re not getting any additional goodies. Carbon monoxide and tar begin showing their face beyond 446 degrees Fahrenheit and that’s just going to lead to a coughing fit! 

As Simple as Hemp Wick?

Yep! It is as simple as that! You’ll significantly reduce the temperature at which you’re consuming your cannabis and you will absolutely enhance the flavor, aroma, and overall experience of your bud. 

Don’t believe us? We’ll bet you a free sample that if you try hemp wick just once, you’ll be a believer. In fact, hemp wick could very well be the missing component in your weed tackle box! No credit card info needed, no promise of your firstborn child, and no random visits to see what you thought of the hemp wick sample. Just tell us where to ship it and our hemp wick will speak for itself beyond that! 

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