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Organic Hemp Wick Sample Hemp Wick Twisted Bee

Organic Hemp Wick Sample

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Not sure about hemp wick? Try it for free to see what all the buzz is about. The Twisted Bee Sample Pack includes: 

  • 6" Standard Hemp Wick
  • 6” Thick Hemp Wick

Twisted Bee Organic Hemp Wick is the perfect, all-natural alternative to butane lighters. Stop inhaling the butane gas and flint directly from the lighter, and avoid harmful chemicals released from matches! Using Twisted Bee Hemp Wick will reduce harmful exposure to butane and preserve the flavor of your next cigar or pipe.

Please note shipping costs $1.49 for domestic orders. Thank you for your support and understanding!

What do we mean by all-natural? No GMO, no toxic chemicals, no acids, no pesticides, no PVC, no BPA, no formaldehyde, no dioxin, no heavy metals. Just 100% organic hemp with an organic beeswax coating.

Slow Burning and No Dripping: Twisted Bee Hemp Wick holds a lower temperature flame and is coated with the right amount of beeswax, so you do not have to worry about dripping wax on the floor or your friends.

Great for arts and crafts! Hemp wick is also a great option for all kinds of projects ranging from candle making to bookbinding, retail packaging, price tags, and more!


Customer Reviews

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nice product

I like this hemp wick so much i brought 200ft standard size you can really taste medicine better satisfied customer .

Tasteless and very high quality

This is clearly a very high quality product. The only reason I have 4 stars instead of because it burned quicker than I would have expected. I would still purchase this product. Thanks so much for letting me try the sample!!


You've gotta new customer really don't know what took so long

Not for me

Great product but not something I will be switching to. Thank you for allowing me to sample it to see

Burns slow!

Love this stuff. I'll be buying again!