Must Try Strains of Spring 2021

Must Try Strains of Spring 2021

Top Spring Cleaning Strains 2021

Must Try Strains of Spring 2021

Depending on where you reside, this time of year can involve a variety of “Spring” characteristics. For some, that means the pleasant chirping of birds, the hum of bees pollinating, and a shade of green across the landscape of new plant growth. For others, it means everything covered in a dense, yellow dusting of pollen, allergies that never seem to end, and the onset of everyone’s favorite friend, humidity. Regardless of your situation, there are some hot new strains (and some old favorites) that are proving to be this season’s trendy choice for smokers alike. That’s why we put together this guide of must try strains of Spring 2021. 

Gelato 45

This sativa-indica hybrid might be new on the scene, but it is already paving the way to becoming a classic. This sucker packs an intense 21% THC content. As the world is seemingly closing the doors on the pandemic now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, many “normal” activities are getting underway. That’s likely why Gelato 45 is causing such a chatter amongst bud-lovers, because it is known for the social and cognitive boosts that many users often report after consumption. This is definitely a strain that is worth sharing with your friends given its laughter inducing effects. Alongside this, user reports indicate that Gelato 45’s energizing effects leave even the shyest person in a stoned, yet talkative state. This one is an excellent choice if you’re finally hitting the social scene again.

Cement Shoes

The name should tell you everything you need to know about this strain. Measuring in at a 22% THC concentration, Cement Shoes is unlike Gelato 45’s energizing effects. Cement Shoes is best saved for those first warm Spring evenings of watching the sunset with friends. If you’re still hunkered down because of COVID or you’re one of those people who just avoids Spring pollen at all cost, Cement Shoes may still be just the strain for you to try, if you’re looking for something new. A hit or two of this earthy strain will leave you melting into whatever object you decide to land on first. In fact, this strain gained a large following from the medical cannabis patient community because of how well users report its ability to tackle insomnia.

Strawberry Cookies

This newcomer is making waves much like Cement Shoes. Strawberry Cough is the hybrid child of Strawberry Fields and Animal Cookies. Once again, made popular by medical cannabis patients for its reported ability to help alleviate stress and anxiety, Strawberry Cookies has a little secret up its sleeve…love. One of the primary effects being reported by users of this strain is a libido or arousal boost. As they say, Spring is the season when love is in the air, so given that people are re-downloading dating apps and hitting the gym to drop their quarantine 15, Strawberry Cookies has quickly become a go-to tool for stoners who are expecting to see some romantic action. If you’re still riding solo, Strawberry Cookies is still worth a shot considering user reports of how relaxing it can be. 

Platinum Punch

Consider yourself lucky if you’re even able to find a plug on this strain. Platinum Punch is a hybrid strain with 22% THC. One of the unique factors and one that probably makes this newcomer hard to find is its dominant terpene, Terpinolene. Platinum Punch’s parents are Fruit Punch and Platinum Wreck. Its lineage is responsible for the relaxing effects and herbal flavor profile. Users can’t seem to get enough of Platinum Punch’s peppery undertones. Most users report the effects of this strain to take a little longer to set in, but excellent at uplifting funky moods without knocking you out cold. 


This strain may very well be our (and seemingly everyone else’s) top pick for new strains. As the catchy name alludes to, Glueberry comes from a menage a trois of OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, and Blueberry. This 20% THC containing strain whose dominant terpene is Myrcene is reported by users to be entirely energizing. As is the case with many of the new strains we’re covering in this piece, Glueberry is a tough one to get your hands on. Immensely popular with medical cannabis patients, we expect Glueberry to become a staple strain by year’s end. With the quick onset of its euphoric effects and intensely satisfying flavors set, this strain is a solid choice for wake-n-bakers! 

Now and Later

Who doesn’t love strains that taste like your favorite candy? This 21% THC containing hybrid is a derivative of the well-known Zkittlez strain. Much like Platinum Punch, Now and Later slowly sneaks up on you. Nearly all users report Now and Later being a go-to for nighttime use. As we’ve reported before, libido increasing effects are all the rage now and this strain’s reported boost in that department means that it sells out pretty quickly. Users also describe Now and Later’s smoke as seemingly smoother and less harsh that some other similar strains. Of course, lighting your bud with a hemp wick will almost always result in less coughing and a smoother experience. If you’re a smoker and haven’t tried hemp wick yet, let us send you a 100% free sample! 

Honey Bun

We saved the heaviest hitter for last! Honey Bun’s emergence on the cannabis scene is the latest example of the ultra-high potency strains that cultivators are moving into. Honey Bun comes in at 26% THC concentration and there are even reports of some samples containing higher amounts than that! Obviously, a relaxing strain, users report these delicious buds emitting a sweet flavor, much like…you guessed it…honey buns. The buds are notoriously identifiable because of their unique appearance. Honey Bun buds are easily identified because of their vibrant yellow and green color patterns and even more brilliant orange hairs. As you might imagine, the vast majority of users report this strain leaving them relaxed, but smoker beware…the same majority of users reported this strain leaving them with an intense case of the munchies. 

So, we want to know… which of these new strains have you had a chance to try? We want to hear from you! Hopefully, you’re able to find these in your local dispensary, but don’t fret if they’re not stocking them just yet. Everyone always wants the latest and greatest, but we expect by Summer 2021, most of these new strains will have made their way to mainstream supply chains.

Happy smoking and happy (early) 4/20!

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