5 Ways to Make Smoking with Hemp Wick a Burning Success

5 Ways to Make Smoking with Hemp Wick a Burning Success

Experience an Authentic Smoking Session

Convenient. Portable. Authentic. Life can be hard – taking a break shouldn’t be. Lighting up should be a relaxing exercise, whether you’re on your own or chilling with your buddies. We see the purpose behind hemp wick as a natural and beneficial aid to enhance the smoking process (read about all of the benefits of using hemp wick to smoke here). You might be thinking, “isn’t it just an extra step?” or “I’ll probably forget to use it” – but don’t worry! There are several convenient ways to make the most of your hemp wick, and once you start using it at every sesh you won’t want to smoke without it. Read on for our top hemp wick hacks!

Top Tips and Helpful Hacks

Light / Hold / Store

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick

Hemp wick itself is very easy to work with because of its compact design and flexibility. This allows you to manipulate it as you want. We’ve found that the best way to make the most of your wick is to use creative ways to light, hold and store it. This keeps it readily available, maintains a tasty and authentic experience, and makes it easy to integrate into your stash and routine.


Tip #1: Keep it Close to Your Flame Source


Twisted Bee Hemp Wick Lighter Wrap

Best for:

Stoners on the go, outside seshes

How to:

Wrap hemp wick around your lighter: Take a strand and place it near the base of your lighter and wrap around until you reach the top. The 100% natural beeswax will keep it in place and allow you to position the end into the flame when lighting.

  • Lighter serves as a “handle” for your hemp wick
  • Compact nature of the wick won’t add bulk to your lighter
  • Allows you to have both the flame source and wick in your hand
  • Perfect for on the go – keep it in your pocket or throw it into your bag

Use a lighter extension: Lighter extensions that slip onto standard lighters and have compartments for hemp wick are available on the market. Although not necessary, this might be an option for those who don’t want to wrap their wick directly on their lighter.

Tip #2: Keep the Fire Burning

Twisted Bee Camp Fire

Best for:

Social situations

Keep a lit candle nearby while smoking: Skip butane altogether and light your hemp wick directly from a natural fire source!

  • This allows you to easily light and/or re-light your wick if it goes out!
  • You can even use hemp wick to make candles - learn here!

Use hemp wick when sitting around the campfire: Nice way to add to the natural experience of smoking your herb.

  • Gives you the option to easily put out and re-light your wick without having to reach for your butane lighter.
  • Bonus: Hemp wick also works great as “tinder” when starting your campfire.

Tip #3: Create a Handheld Dispenser

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick Handheld Dispenser

Best for:

Social situations

How to:

Make your own dispenser: Take any small container that has a lid made of a thin, fireproof material – mason jars work great for this! Poke small hole through the center of your lid. Spool some of your hemp wick into a ball and place inside your container. Thread the end of your spool through the lid and screw lid back onto your container, the end of your hemp wick sticking up out of the lid. Light and use as you smoke! Pull more wick out as needed!

  • Easy to pass around with your friends
  • Flame will extinguish if it reaches the lid
  • Container will keep your hemp wick fresh
  • Use a cool jar or decorate your own – it can add interest to your coffee table!

Tip #4: Use a Handheld Wand

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick Handheld Wand

Best for:

Social situations

How to:

Make your own hemp wick wand: Wrap your hemp wick around any kind of dowel, stick, pencil, metal tube, or the like and pull the end straight out at the tip of your “wand.”

  • Works as a handle for your wick, can point the lighted end directly into your herb!
  • Perfect for on the go – keep it in your pocket or throw it into your bag (especially if you don’t want to wrap it around your lighter)


Tip #5: Remember to Keep it Fresh

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick Fresh Container

Best for:


How to:

Wrap up your hemp wick into a spool or ball and keep in an airtight container: this will keep your hemp wick fresh and will help to make sure that the beeswax won’t dry out or harden.

Pick the best container for you: Large containers to hold your main stash, small ones to keep in your backpack, you can even find small containers attached to keychains that will make it super manageable to keep some hemp wick on you at all times

  • Pro tip: pill containers are a great way to discreetly keep a small bit of hemp wick in your pocket or bag.

Use it, Don’t Lose it!

Our rule of thumb is that the best way to get the most out of your hemp wick is to have it available. These tips will help you always have some wick on hand, whatever the situation might be.

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    This is a game-changer — I’m recommending it to all my patients who use cannibis. Nicely done….
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