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5 Ways to Make Smoking with Hemp Wick a Burning Success

Experience an Authentic Smoking Session Convenient. Portable. Authentic. Life can be hard – taking a break shouldn’t be. Lighting up should be a relaxing exercise, whether you’re on your own or chilling with your buddies. We see the purpose behind hemp wick as a natural and beneficial aid to enhance the smoking process (read about all of the benefits of using hemp wick to smoke here). You might be thinking, “isn’t it just an extra step?” or “I’ll probably forget to use it” – but don’t worry! There are several convenient ways to make the most of your hemp wick, and once you start using it at every sesh you won’t want to smoke without it. Read on for our...

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Size Matters: How Flames Affect Weed

We live in a world where the “bigger is better” mentality is thriving. Remember the opposite trend a couple of decades ago when things were a bit different? When each new generation of cellphone was more compact than the last. When the popular new vehicles included words like “Mini” or “Smart” in their names. When your girlfriend’s handbag couldn’t double as an overnight duffle? At some point in the past 20 years, society has shifted this mentality and, in most cases, for the worst. Sure, there are a few things that used to follow the “bigger is better” mindset that we’re happy to have seen drift into history… oversized suits, hairstyles, your girlfriend’s ex who gave her that stupid overnight...

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The Truth About Covid-19 and Cannabis

Here you are, sitting through your last Zoom meeting of the day as the nation begins to slowly open back up from the Coronavirus shutdowns. Just a few short months ago, this may have been the time of day where your friends would begin texting you to meet them out or perhaps, you’re the lone wolf type who prefers a tranquil post-work decompressing. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is probably safe to assume that if you’re reading this article, there is a shared similarity across the board… you’re going to enjoy some cannabis at the end of the day (or beginning of the day for our wake and bake buddies… we’ve got love for you too!).  But...

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Know Your Bongs

We’ve been told that our organic beeswax coated hemp wick are ideally suited for smoking from bongs; but the bong is a pretty wide-ranging device in and of itself, and has undergone some pretty crazy permutations in recent years… Here, we explain what makes bongs tick. As to why bongs are a perfect match for Twisted Bee hemp wick? We’ll get back to that at the end. The bong, just like weed itself is often thought to have originated in Asia. Water pipes have been in use across Asia and Africa for centuries, and the word itself comes from the Thai word baung. Though it was known beforehand, it may have come into heavier use in the States following the...

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Top 10 Ways to Smoke Weed [Updated 2020]

Humans are creatures of habit, there is no denying it. We can easily get stuck within the daily grind where we gravitate to what we know. In our routine-driven society, it is important to find fun and fresh ways to shake things up and keep you on your toes! An easy way to do this is to take advantage of the multitude of methods for smoking marijuana. You most likely know some of the various ways of kicking back and lighting up - but just in case you don’t, we wanted to curate a comprehensive list of the best ways to do so. Hopefully you can learn about a new technique or inject some creativity and variety into your herbal...

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