5 Killer Ways to Put Out Your Hemp Wick

Let’s face it - fire is awesome. It’s bright, warm, and can be endlessly entertaining. It also plays a huge part in every smoking session and when using hemp wick to light up. Beyond its benefits (read about the pros of using hemp wick here) there is a specific science behind how hemp wick burns, which in turn can help you understand how to properly and efficiently extinguish its flame.

Blowing out the flame is an obvious solution, but we like to get creative. Read on for our tips for extinguishing your hemp wick! And please remember to use your best judgement and be safe!**

Tip #1: Snuff it Out

Understanding the science behind the flame and its relationship to oxygen helps a lot when attempting to extinguish it. Fire is created when you have atoms such as carbon and hydrogen in the hemp wick linking up with oxygen atoms in the air to form molecules, such as carbon dioxide. Every time a new molecule is formed, energy is released - in this case the energy is the flame. By snuffing the wick you are essentially suffocating it, ridding it of the oxygen it needs to burn.

Use a glass:

Slowly lower a glass or jar over the top of the flame and hold it there for 15 - 20 seconds. Heat emitted from the wick’s flame will rise and get trapped in the top of the cup. As this process takes place, less and less oxygen will become available within the cup. Slowly you will start to see the flame go out.

Use your pipe:

If you are smoking with a glass pipe or chillum, insert lit wick through mouthpiece after your hit. The same principle applies here - since the chamber in your pipe is likely to be small, the flame will use up the oxygen before more can enter and your flame will go out!

Tip #2: Use Water

The water will steal heat from the fuel when evaporating, lowering the temperature and making it more difficult, or impossible, for the fire to burn. It also makes it more difficult for the fire to be in contact with air (which it needs to burn), thus not letting oxygen and the fuel come together.

Dip your lit wick:

This might seem obvious but having a cup of water next to you while you smoke is never a bad idea. So why not dip the lit end into the water to extinguish it! While the flame will go out, the water will not be absorbed into the hemp wick because of the natural beeswax coating (remember it is waterproof!) and you will be able to easily relight it again later on. Pretty cool!

Use Your Fingers:

Lick or wet the pads of your index finger and thumb and then press the lit end of your hemp wick between them. This will fully extinguish the ember. Be careful - the wick will be hot, but wetting your fingers will help to protect them from being burned. If there is soot residue on your fingers, simply wash or wipe off! (If you don’t want to pinch it, simply twirl the wick between your index finger and thumb and the movement will blow out the flame.)

Tip #3: Smoke by Candlelight

Having a candle nearby while smoking with hemp wick is already an awesome way to relight your wick, but it can also be used to douse it out! This is a unique way to put our your flame because NO smoke will be created when it is extinguished AND the tip of your hemp wick will get a nice coating of beeswax for your next use!

Use a candle:

Have a beeswax candle burning close-at-hand (learn how to make your own here). Dip the lit hemp wick into the melted wax and watch it go out instantly! And because our hemp wick is already coated in natural beeswax, using this method will not compromise its construction.

Tip #4: Pinch the Flame

Dispensers essentially pinch the hemp wick, cutting it off where the wick comes out of its top. This method blocks the flame from traveling further down the wick, eliminating material for the flame to feed off of causing it to consequently extinguish. Many dispensers have a metal or cork top that will automatically pinch and extinguish the flame when the wick reaches it. Learn about different hemp wick dispensers and how to make your own here!

Use pliers:

If you don’t have or use a dispenser for your hemp wick, you can use household items to pinch the flame just as well! Take a small piece of aluminum foil and fold in half like a book. Pinch lit end of hemp wick inside to extinguish. Or use metal tweezers/pliers to pinch the hemp wick out.

Tip #5: Bongs Away!

We have saved the best for last and this way is definitely creative! The possibilities of mixing smoking and science are endless...  

Use a bong:

If you are using a bong to smoke, light bowl with hemp wick as usual. When you pull out the bowl dip the wick into the stem of your bong as you clear it and the wick will extinguish.

Why this works:

This method is similar to the “snuffing” technique explained in Tip #1. When you clear the bong, you are taking all of the oxygen out of the chamber - so if the lit wick is inserted into the stem as you clear it you leave it with no oxygen to thrive off of. In addition, the “wind” created from your pull probably also helps to put this flame at rest. No oxygen + wind = no flame!

No matter how you put it out, hemp wick is sure to give you the most natural and authentic smoking experience possible. But please remember to be careful and let us know what other creative ways you have found to to extinguish your flame!


**While these are some methods for extinguishing your hemp wick flame, you are hereby notified that the methods above are performed by professionals in controlled environments. Do not attempt to duplicate, recreate, or perform the same or similar methods at home, as personal injury or property damage may result. Twisted Bee and related parties are not responsible for any such injury or damage. Please be safe!**


  • Andrew Orozco

    Hello!! I’ve been to a store where they sold a lighter with a ring on it, with hemp wick, to somehow stop the fire from going further. Not sure where to find it since then…

  • Jack Pedotto

    Use the Flicwic.

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