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Advantages to Using Hemp Wick to Light Your Next Bowl

Natural / Clean / Authentic

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick

You’re settling in at home after a long day, ready to relax. Sure…it would be easy to grab whatever lighter you can find to spark your herb or tobacco, but why settle? Why not use an alternative that is just as easy but also healthier, cleaner, and overall tastier than that beat-up Bic that’s spitting out its last reserves of butane? Hemp wick is the solution, providing an effortless and natural way to light up (get a free sample here!). Not only will you avoid the complications and annoyances that lighters can yield, but you’ll also find that hemp wick will help give you the best and most enjoyable smoking session possible.

But what about butane lighters?

Butane lighters do offer a quick way to spark a flame but the benefits quickly die after that. Your average and most accessible lighters on the market use butane and/or flint to create fire. When used for smoking, trace amounts of these chemicals and elements can be inhaled or deposited into your bowl opening the door to possible health problems. You shouldn’t have to subject yourself to complications when a straightforward and unrefined option such as hemp wick is accessible!

Points to Consider:

  • Fuel in lighters is not regulated: There is no law saying that all lighters must burn butane. This means that cheaper and more harmful chemicals can be used or mixed in and there is no way of knowing for sure what exactly you’re inhaling.
  • Butane causes health defects: In large amounts, butane is known to cause euphoria, drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia, fluctuations in blood pressure, and temporary memory loss. Using butane-fueled products to smoke will only expose you to small amounts at a time, but over time it can build up in your system.
  • Flint sparks could enter your bowl: Lighters that use flint can emit a toxic dust that appears as smoke when the lighter is ignited. The flint dust contains "misch metal", an alloy of rare earth metals that are known to be harmful. Not something you’d want to inhale! Just check out this video here:

Hemp wick provides a cleaner taste and more authentic experience

Marijuana connoisseurs and the rise of accessible medical strains grown for specific purposes has given way to a raised awareness of differences in flavor profiles. How are you supposed to detect subtle sweet notes or the earthy aftertastes of your herb if it is masked by overly charred herb or gassy discharge from your lighter? Using hemp wick gives you the more authentic experience, allowing you to be mindful in the moment and to reap all the benefits your herb can give you.

Points to Consider:

  • Light your herb with herb: By using hemp wick you’re keeping the entire smoking experience within the same family, allowing you to smoke without adding a fuel-like taste to your bowl. This way you can experience the true flavor of the strain.
  • Burns at a lower temperature than lighters: Hemp wick’s flame won’t destroy as many cannabinoids as a lighter would, which can help you get “more stoned”. Your hits will be less harsh as well because the smoke entering your lungs won’t be as hot. Less coughing, more fun.
  • Avoid the smell of gas and butane: Instead of dealing with the fuel-like scent from lighters, hemp wick gives off an earthy scent with sweet highlights of honey – infinitely more pleasant and natural.
  • A natural alternative: You’re guaranteed to not have to flick your Bic every time you take a hit, as the wick will stay lit for an extended period of time. Also, because it is crafted by only natural ingredients (organic hemp twine, naturally derived beeswax) you’ll avoid exposure to unwanted chemicals.

Hemp wick enhances the smoking process

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is the ultimate stoner’s life hack in a world where everyone is trying to make things simpler. Some assume that it just adds an extra step to your routine, but overall hemp wick has proved to be the thriftiest and most beneficial companion. Not only is it a fresh and clean option to consider, it also is so easy to integrate into your routine.

Points to Consider:

  • Provides a controlled flame: You won’t have to worry about burning all of your herb in one hit. Hemp wick’s wieldable flame makes cornering easy so your herb will last much longer.
  • Dependable long burn time: Hemp wick allows you to avoid having to constantly re-light. Currently you can get two different sizes of wick, thick (larger flame, slower burn) and standard (smaller flame), allowing you to take advantage of whichever flame suits your situation. Read more about the differences here.
    • Pro tip: Have a lit candle nearby during your sesh – in case your wick goes out you can relight with the burning flame instead of your lighter!
  • Convenient: The nature of hemp wick allows you to unobtrusively add it to your stash for quick use. Its minimal and lightweight size combined with its flexibility makes it easy to wrap around your lighter, bong, or bowl.
  • Cost effective: Because of the slow burn time, hemp wick will last longer than disposable lighters. By investing in a spool you’re sure to save money and will avoid having to buy lighters often.

The Natural Alternative

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick

Your health is important. Your happiness is important. Why sacrifice a pure experience when a simple solution is available? Don’t hold yourself back from making a mindful choice! We see hemp wick as a comfortable companion for the conscious smoker. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go (you can get a free sample here)- you’re sure to realize its pleasant nature and obvious benefits. Happy smoking!

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