Standard vs. Thick Hemp Wick: Which is Best for Lighting Your Herb?

Standard vs. Thick Hemp Wick: Which is Best for Lighting Your Herb?

Twisted Bee Organic Hemp Wick

So you’re interested in hemp wick – you’ve heard the hype, maybe you’ve tried it a couple of times, or maybe you’re looking to find the best wick for you. You believe in mindful choices, in enjoying your herb to the fullest, and in finding resourceful ways to engage with the unique gifts that nature has given us. We feel the same way, and in return have hand-crafted our hemp wick from natural and organic materials to make the most effective addition for the most satisfying sessions.

All of our hemp wick is made from the purest organic natural hemp fibers locally grown outside our atelier in Europe and then perfectly coated with natural beeswax for true consistency. But it doesn’t stop there! We also understand the variables that intervene in everyday life. By providing you with the option between standard or thick sized hemp wick, you can easily have the best tool to light your herb with herb in any kind of situation. Unsure of what size to choose? Let’s go over the basics!

Standard Hemp Wick

Thin Strand / Smaller Flame / Inside Use

Twisted Bee Standard Hemp Wick

Our Standard Hemp Wick comes as a 200ft spool of finely rolled hemp twine with a 1.0mm thickness. We evenly coat it with premium natural beeswax for the smoothest burn possible.

The Highlights

  • Holds straight: Even though this is a thinner style strand, the 100% natural beeswax coating provides rigidity allowing you to hold it straight during use. This can let you easily pinpoint where the flame lands while smoking a bowl or pipe (especially if it is on the smaller size!), making cornering easy and your herb last longer.
  • Smaller flame: The same benefit comes from the smaller flame that the standard size produces (it will be around the same size as a Bic’s flame), as it is sure not to burn all of your herb at once or to flare up in your face accidentally.
  • Indoor use: Many users find the standard hemp wick perfect for indoor smoking sessions with friends.
  • Easy to wrap: You can easily wrap it around your lighter or pipe for quick access and passing, while the consistent thin coating of beeswax will not drip off of the twine onto your friends or floor.
  • Perfect for dispensers: The standard size is sure to fit in any of the hemp wick dispensers on the market, whether you’re using a glass bottle and threading it through the cap or using it with a lighter extension. You’ll be all set!

Points to Consider

Alongside these awesome benefits, it is important to note that this size will burn quicker than our thick option. The flame itself (as well as your overall supply) will not last as long because of it. The standard hemp wick may take a little practice to manipulate the flame just right, but this is just another reason it is more suited for indoor use.

Thick Hemp Wick

Thick Strand / Larger Flame / Outdoor Use

Twisted Bee Thick Hemp Wick

Our Thick Hemp Wick is hand crafted in the same way as our standard, but uses two times the amount of hemp strands and comes in at a 2.0mm thickness. Despite the size difference, it still has the perfect even coating of natural beeswax to ensure a steady burn.

The Highlights

  • Larger flame: The amount of hemp strands used in making this size allows for a larger flame and a slower burn overall. Even though it has the same perfect ratio of beeswax coating to twine, the flame will take longer to go through our wider strand because of the increased thickness.
  • Outdoor use: Users find it perfect for outdoor use - the larger flame is harder to extinguish allowing you to easily avoid problems caused by the wind and the elements. A foolproof addition to camping and hiking adventures!
  • Perfect for blunts: We’ve also found that this larger flame can get things done quicker than your average lighter – from lighting blunts or cigars to sparking hookah coals. With its thicker size, this option is stronger and more rigid making it easy to pass and easy to grip onto.
  • Holds straight: You can rely on it to keep its shape: it is sure to hold a long and straight strand without bending as it burns.

Points to Consider

Even though our thick hemp wick is slightly bigger than our standard option, it is still easy to carry around or wrap around your smoking accessories. The larger flame might be harder to pinpoint than the standard flame, but it is still sure to provide you with a steady burn that anyone can manage.

Which is best for you?

Twisted Bee Hemp Wick

Don’t overthink it – both types of hemp wick will immediately improve your smoking experience. If you are still struggling to choose between standard or thick try to consider your lifestyle. Do you mostly smoke inside with friends? Try the standard size! Are you an outdoorsy type that likes to spark up after a long hike? See if the thick size works for you! Either way you will be using a natural, thoughtfully crafted product made with you in mind. It doesn’t hurt to stock up on both options though…you never know what situation you’ll find yourself in next and it is always best to be prepared!

P.S. If you still can't decide, try free sample click here.

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