Why Hemp Wick Can Give You a Better Smoking Experience (Plus Get a Free Sample!)

Why Hemp Wick Can Give You a Better Smoking Experience (Plus Get a Free Sample!)

Why Hemp Wick Can Give You A Better Smoking Experience (Plus get a free sample!)


Why Hemp Wick Can Give You a Better Smoking Experience (Plus Get a Free Sample!)

Do you think that using racing fuel in a 2007 Camry will turn it into a race worthy vehicle? We’re pretty sure that the majority of readers understand this rhetorical question was not actually a suggestion and will probably end up screwing with your car. So, if you understand this concept, then what makes you think hitting your bud with a hot ass flame from a lighter or even worse, a torch, is ensuring that you get the most from your weed? News flash…it isn’t! Let’s discuss why hemp wick can give you a better smoking experience. We’re so confident in this one that we’re even willing to provide you with a free sample! Based on feedback we’ve received, the majority of smokers who give hemp wick a shot, never go back to using an traditional lighters.

A Cooler Way to Smoke

Don’t mind our dad jokes. Seriously though, hemp wick is cooler in all senses. It may not land you a date with that baddie who has been ghosting you since last year (unless said baddie is into getting the most out of their cannabis), but it will absolutely change the taste of your bud. That’s because the flame from a hemp wick is significantly cooler than traditional ignition sources like torches, stolen lighters, or rubbing two sticks together. A cooler burning flame will give you the chance to really taste your cannabis, probably for the first time if you’ve been a steady abuser of lighters. 

This is a result of being kind to the terpenes and flavonoids in the weed (those are the compounds that gives each strain its unique scent and taste. When you roast your flower with a traditional lighter, you’re hitting it with a flame that can get up to 2500 degrees! Comparing this temperature to the threshold where most cannabinoids have long evaporated (around 428 degrees Fahrenheit), it is easy to understand why some smokers claim “all weed tastes the same” …because they’ve been charring it their entire life! Assuming you don’t like the harsh cough and charcoal flavor that comes from using traditional lighters, you guessed it, hemp wick is the solution. That’s because hemp wick burns at a much lower and controlled temperature than other methods. This means that you’re burning off less of the goodies you want to inhale and creating less of the burnt garbage that you want to avoid. 

Out with the Old, In with the Older

Hemp wick has been around for eons compared to that butane lighter you’re carrying around. We’re talking tens of thousands of years! Hemp is an excellent example of how the human race can sometimes ruin things by trying to improve on something that is already excellent. Think about the process of lighting a bowl with a traditional lighter. You’re holding that flame on the bud as you inhale. You’re probably too high to think about the chemical byproducts you’re also inhaling as a result of using that lighter though. Sure, there’s a convenience factor that played a role in your great-great-grandpa buying his first butane lighter to smoke his Devil’s Lettuce out behind the barn, but we’re in a new generation, a new era! You no longer need to use modern things like butane lighters because we’ve fortunately figured out a way to make the old method work just as conveniently, in fact, even better! 

So why would you want to inhale the litany of chemical byproducts like pappy was when sneaking that toke? Sure, some of you are probably all “bRuH…YoLo”, but…well…didn’t 2020 teach us anything about taking care of ourselves? A little risk mitigation goes a long way and frankly, we don’t fancy inhaling the off-gassing fumes from an incinerated, synthetic accelerant. Yeah, we know, “…but you’re still smoking!” and we get that, no arguing here. All we’re saying is that you know as well as we do that we’re not gonna stop smoking anytime soon, so why not at least lower the amount of questionable byproducts that we inhale?

More Cash in Your Pocket

Hemp wick is a low and slow burn. A spool of hemp wick is sort of like that 20lb container of peanuts you impulsively bought at Costco in that they both feel like they’re going to last forever. We bet if you counted all the lighters lying around your place and in your car, you would find that you’ve got a nice chuck of change invested in those dumb things, not to mention they look a little trashy, even though your friends would never tell you. Compare this to a single spool of hemp wick, which you can place on the counter without fear that someone will call you out about leaving your paraphernalia sitting around. Hell, in most cases a nice spool of hemp wick serves as a conversation starter! Perhaps now more than ever is a good time to change your Bumble profile to “Only interested in fellow hemp wick connoisseurs” and check out the caliber of candidates that you start getting! (Okay, so you probably wouldn’t see that large of a shift in eligible people…but! Maybe that is because it seems hemp wick users don’t stay single very long.)

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s the part where you have an internal dialogue that poses thoughts like, “ehh…I dunno. Can I just order some on Amazon?” or “hmm…what’s this stuff gonna cost me?” or perhaps “nah, fam. I’m good *cough*”. We want the best for our readers though and we understand that we can all be stubborn at times. That’s why we decided to take a new approach to getting folks on the hemp wick train by using the four-letter F word that makes us all tingle…FREE.

Unlike your ex, this is legit no-strings attached. We’re not going throw pebbles at your window in the night to ask if you were dreaming about the hemp wick we sent. We won’t sort through your garbage on the curb to see if we can spot the empty packaging and we wouldn’t dream of sending you a follow-up love letter to see if your feelings have changed. (We’ve had some interesting breakups, can’t you tell?) Nope, none of that…just hit us up and we will send you a 100% free pack of hemp wick. No shipping charges, no payment info needed, just contact info letting us know where it goes. We’re simply that confident that hemp wick will change your entire smoking experience, starting on day one! 

So, go ahead… head on over to  us up [INSERT LINK FOR FREE SAMPLE CONTACT FORM] and we will get the sample out to you pronto. You can thank us later. 

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