Top Spring Cleaning Strains 2021

Top Spring Cleaning Strains 2021

Top Spring Cleaning Strains 2021

Top Spring Cleaning Strains of 2021

You’ve basically had 2020 in its entirety to clean, re-arrange, mess up, and clean again your entire home…yet here you are. We’ve reached Spring 2021 and that pile of unorganized papers on your desk has only grown larger and the piles of junk in your garage, that you swore to yourself that you would clean up in 2020, still glares at you each time you walk by. Is it possible that nothing got cleaned because you always found yourself getting a little too carried away with the “I’ll just take a small hit before I start cleaning” mentality? Two blunts, an edible, and three seasons of a random Netflix show later, nothing has been cleaned. What if we told you that there’s a way to improve your motivation AND smoke your bud before cleaning? Chances are that you’re consuming a strain that is notorious for that relaxed, couch-lock vibe that you’ve been experiencing. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives. Here’s our vetted list of the top spring cleaning strains of 2021. 


Pronounced exactly the way it looks, Do-Si-Dos is an indica dominant strain that has changed the game in terms of daytime smoking. You probably didn’t expect the first strain on the list to be an indica, but this one is certainly different from the rest. This Girl Scout Cookie phenotype won’t leave you trading the vacuum for a video game controller. Even though it packs a whopping 21% THC content, users of Do-Si-Dos report that it leaves them feeling euphoric and uplifted (exactly what you want to be when tackling spring cleaning). The high you’ll receive from this strain is balanced, so even though it is energizing, you most likely won’t find yourself jittery or anxious. Just be sure to keep some water close by as this strain is notorious for leaving users with cottonmouth! 

Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake is probably more along the lines of what you would expect on a spring cleaning strain list. Matching the THC content of Do-Si-Dos, Lemon Cake also comes in at 21%, but as a sativa dominant strain. Lemon Cake has a reputation of being difficult to find in most dispensaries so if your local shop happens to have some in stock, you probably don’t want to wait very long before grabbing some. This is absolutely a strain that requires a low and slow approach when trying it for the first time. Users report the energizing effects as feeling like you’ve been turbocharged. This one is probably best reserved for cleaning activities that require very little critical thinking. Tasks like cleaning out your closet, general house-keeping, or knocking out that embarrassing pile of laundry are all excellent options for this strain. 

Green Crack 

As if the name alone doesn’t just scream, “I’m going to clean my entire home until it is spotless…with a toothbrush!”, then we’re not sure what does! A wildly popular sativa dominant strain, Green Crack’s 17% THC content seems to be a sweet spot that allows users to actually accomplish things on their to-do list while stoned. Given its popularity, Green Crack is one of the more accessible and readily available at most well-stocked dispensaries. User reports seem to collectively agree that the fruity flavor profile of Green Crack leads to an invigorating head high that can help counteract fatigue and even depression. This is certainly a staple strain for anyone’s medicine cabinet. 

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is an excellent example of a cannabis strain comeback story. This sativa dominant strain reached peak popularity in the mid 2010’s and seemingly overnight, dropped off everyone’s radar. Cannabis consumers, being the fickle creatures that we are, have apparently decided that Strawberry Cough needs to make a comeback and a strong one at that! What was nearly impossible to find a couple years ago is now a staple strain for most cannabis dispensaries. With the standard 17% THC content, the thing that makes Strawberry Cough stand out is its incredible strawberry/berry combo flavor profile and cerebral effects. If you find that you’re stressing out over spring cleaning, this is absolutely the strain to reach for! 

Amnesia Haze

Based on the name alone, you may feel like this strain will at least result in you forgetting about any pending chores in the event that you consume too much and end up playing a game of checkers with your dog. That said, if you don’t overdo it with this 18% THC sativa dominant strain, you may find it to be exactly what you need before washing those dishes that have been sitting in the sink for three weeks. Its citrus’y flavor profile and energizing effects have led this strain down the path of claiming multiple awards, including a 1st place spot in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and 1st place in the 2012 Sativa Cup. This is another low and slow strain. Be prepared for some trial and error when determining how much is too much for you. Much like Do-Si-Dos, Amnesia Haze carries with it a reputation for a dry mouth, so keep that water bottle close by (assuming it isn’t also sitting in the sink with the other dirty dishes). 

Durban Poison

Unless you’ve just started consuming cannabis in the past couple of weeks, you’re probably very familiar with this classic strain. Old heads and stoners will recognize this South African strain as the quintessential go-to for productivity and creativity. Easily the most sativa dominant strain on our list, this is our top choice for mixing your bud and spring cleaning! Users report this strain as not only being energizing physically but helping cut through some of the brain fog that is often associated with indica strains. This is absolutely a daytime only strain. After hitting some Durban Poison, you can kiss naptime goodbye.

…and to think, here you were under the impression that smoking bud would just leave you in a puddle of unproductive self-loathing! Regardless of which strain you decide to try first, our main recommendation for spring cleaning while high is to spend a couple of minutes creating a list of chores you want to accomplish before sparking up. Think about it…how many times have you smoked before a task, only to forget what the task was by the time you were stoned? This little trick only takes a moment and will leave you will a lot less “post-high” resentment because you’ve spent the past 3 hours browsing Target for cleaning supplies, instead of actually cleaning. 

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