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Advantages to Using Hemp Wick to Light Your Next Bowl

Natural / Clean / Authentic You’re settling in at home after a long day, ready to relax. Sure…it would be easy to grab whatever lighter you can find to spark your herb or tobacco, but why settle? Why not use an alternative that is just as easy but also healthier, cleaner, and overall tastier than that beat-up Bic that’s spitting out its last reserves of butane? Hemp wick is the solution, providing an effortless and natural way to light up (get a free sample here!). Not only will you avoid the complications and annoyances that lighters can yield, but you’ll also find that hemp wick will help give you the best and most enjoyable smoking session possible. But what about...

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Standard vs. Thick Hemp Wick: Which is Best for Lighting Your Herb?

So you’re interested in hemp wick – you’ve heard the hype, maybe you’ve tried it a couple of times, or maybe you’re looking to find the best wick for you. You believe in mindful choices, in enjoying your herb to the fullest, and in finding resourceful ways to engage with the unique gifts that nature has given us. We feel the same way, and in return have hand-crafted our hemp wick from natural and organic materials to make the most effective addition for the most satisfying sessions. All of our hemp wick is made from the purest organic natural hemp fibers locally grown outside our atelier in Europe and then perfectly coated with natural beeswax for true consistency. But it...

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What is Hemp Wick and What is it Used For?

What is hemp wick? Environmentally sustainable | Incredibly versatile | Renewable resource         As sustainability becomes a driving priority within the world around us, it would be crazy to overlook the comprehensive benefits of the fast-growing hemp plant. Its influence spans over the past 10,000 years as hemp fibers can be refined into a wide range of commercial items from textiles (hemp fiber is 10x stronger than cotton) to building materials (stronger than wood and cheaper to produce) to protein-rich foods (hemp seeds contain Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids that have heart health and anti inflammatory benefits). Hemp is even helping society transition to using more sustainable paper as making paper from hemp employs fewer caustic and toxic chemicals...

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