Being Productive While High

Being Productive While High

Being high is an amazing thing. The relaxation, the creativity, the joy….it all makes for an indescribable feeling that grants us a temporary break from the realities of life. It is a feeling that many people try to capture whenever they possibly can, some of us more than others. Unfortunately, the amazing parts of being high also come with some downsides. Fortunately, however, these downsides aren’t cause for great concern, typically consisting of the munchies, bloodshot eyes and decreased motivation to do anything productive other than melting into your couch. 

For the most part, stoners have sorted out methods to deal with the aforementioned downsides of being high. Take the munchies for instance -- instead of heading straight for the Doritos, try having a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. Chances are that your “high mind” will chill out on the hunger signals if it detects something in your stomach. If we consider those bloodshot eyes, simply grab some eyedrops at your local pharmacy. Problem solved! But what about that dreaded lack of productivity? Here are a few things that we’ve found may help you maintain your hustle even when you’re high as a kite.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain

The distinction between Indica and Sativa is slowly falling out of style since most strains these days tend to be hybrids. That said, this distinction can help guide you when choosing the right strain for productivity. Look for strains with described effects like “energizing” or “creative”. It is probably a good idea to try a strain before you actually need to be productive just to make sure that it doesn’t put you in nap-mode. 

If you’re not keen on combusting your cannabis, you likely already know that there are other form factors that you can try. Edibles and tinctures are options that frequently come in “daytime” varieties specifically targeted to those individuals who prefer knocking out to-do lists with a buzz. 

To Thine Own Self Be True

Above all else, you must know your tolerance! Can you roast an entire joint or are you a one hit and quit type of person? Being able to assess your cannabis tolerance level is vital knowledge if you want to be productive and high at the same time. Ideally, you want to know how much it takes to get you to the perfect level of stoned but not so high that you can’t think straight. 

So right now…this very moment…take a good look at yourself in the mirror and honestly assess what your limits are. The next time you’re ready to ride the green rollercoaster, keep this limit in mind and don’t exceed that amount. The best high for being productive is a mild mind high, not a relaxed-entire-body high. So, if you usually toke a ton, start with a smaller amount. This brings us to our next point.

Choose the Right Task

As much as we wish it weren’t the case, not all tasks are ideal for completing while stoned. Studying for a computational fluid dynamics test will probably prove to be a little difficult if you’re blazed out of your mind. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but most folks are better at some tasks when they’re *gasp* sober. 

That said, you know yourself the best, so it is up to you to choose tasks that suits your high. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re just not able to achieve certain things after a weed session. Lots of tasks can be made enjoyable or at least more tolerable with some bud. Things like cleaning the house or painting or writing can be enhanced with cannabis. Choose a task that you know you can handle while high. You’re the only person who knows what these are. Now get to soul searching!

Taking It Slowly

Now that you have chosen a strain for productivity and the type of task you’re going to complete, you’re ready to begin your path to high productiveness. Just because you can burn that entire blunt at the face, doesn’t mean that you should (at least not while trying to be productive). Save the Snoop Dogg stuff for parties…well, Zoom parties. Take it slowly. Just a single hit at a time and you’ll be able to more accurately determine when you’re at the point of a “productive high”.

If you take the edible or tincture route, start off with a half dose. In the words of Katt Williams, “It is very easy to get high. It is not easy to get un-high”. This small dose advice takes us to our next tip.

Keeping Your High Steady

A balanced, prolonged high can be the perfect way to get through boring housework or other chores. Cannabis consumption typically means consuming the amount that gets us highest (assuming you’re a recreational user) and then enjoying the gradual relaxation and come-down. This method is fine for certain situations, but in cases where you need to be productive, you should treat consumption like flying. That is, rising to a manageable level then cruising there until your path is complete. This will absolutely help deal with distractions and should keep you focused on your task. 

Giving Yourself A Break

Even though you’re feeling happy and high while being productive doesn’t mean you’re not working hard! Give yourself a break once every now and then. We aren’t talking about the dreaded tolerance break, but just breaking away from that desk and taking 10 minutes for a brisk walk or a quick bite to eat or drink. You’ll feel rejuvenated once you return to your task. 

The only catch here is that you can’t let yourself sit stagnant too long! It’s important to get your mind or body up and active if you want to maintain productivity. A suggestion for those more sedentary tasks: some light stretching. If you find yourself sitting for an hour or two at a time, set a reminder on your phone to stand up and stretch a couple of times throughout the day. It may feel a little weird at first, but we promise that you’ll be thankful once you’re in the routine.

Getting Organized

Before you light up, make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish. The to-do list is a tried and true method for anyone looking to be more productive. Beside each task, try to estimate how much time each one will take. Not only will this give your high mind a break but crossing off items on a to-do list is exceptionally rewarding…high or sober! 

Once you’ve made a to-do list, it is time to get organized. Try to gather everything you’ll need for your productive high time. This is especially true if your task involves cleaning or cooking. It makes things go by quickly whether you’re high or not. So, grab all of your supplies before you’re high!

Staying Motivated

Easier said than done, right? Sometimes we really are our own worst enemy. To be productive and high, you really need to keep the momentum going. Any dragging of your feet will just tempt you to mosey over to the couch to peruse Netflix. So, you’ve got to focus on staying active and staying aware of your high. 

Self-encouragement is also a great motivator. As silly as it sounds, give yourself a pep talk before jumping into a task. Remind yourself that you’re completely capable of completing a task, even if you’re high. You can even turn it into a game if you’re the type of person who really gets into their own head. Convince yourself that you’re totally going to finish the task even though the little voice in your head says otherwise. 

In conclusion, though being productive while high may take a little extra in the mental gymnastics department, it is totally plausible if you keep your eyes on the prize. Being high and productive at the same time is a delicate balancing act. It may take a bit of time to get things dialed in to a point where you feel confident in your ability to be productively high. Start out with these tips and you’ll surely have a head start.

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