Cannabis Friendly Cool Weather Activities

Cannabis Friendly Cool Weather Activities

Here we go, Autumn 2020 will likely be like no other in our lifetime. Typically, once the weather begins to cool down and the days become shorter, our biggest concern is staying warm with friends indoors. Thanks to our buddy COVID-19, indoor activities with friends are going to be pretty limited this year. That’s why we decided to put together a list of not just outdoor activities for cool weather, but a list of cannabis friendly outdoor activities. Grab your coat, let’s go! 


We bet you’ve heard of it, but have you actually tried it out for yourself? This has quickly become the hip trend amongst tech-savvy individuals (and even non-techie people). Geocaching is an activity that not only gets you out into nature, but really forces you to explore areas that you may have otherwise ignored. 

Geocaching is free for all to enjoy. Once you’ve registered and downloaded the free app, you can begin your first adventure. Geocache hosts design various puzzles and riddles for folks to search for. This isn’t an activity that is limited to populated areas either! Geocachers will be given coordinates and hints through the app or within geocaches that they’ve found in order to locate the final “prize”. 

This is an excellent activity to do with friends and…you guessed it, weed! That said, before you toke up, make sure your adventure isn’t going to require you to be behind the wheel of a vehicle! If you’re an experienced geocacher, try turning up the difficulty by snacking on an edible with each completed “task”. Again, only if you are out in nature or in an area where this can safely be done!


This one may be a new concept for most. Rockhounding is essentially amateur geology. A quick google of “public rock quarries near me” is a great start to find local areas that have “rock parks”. These are typically muddy areas where amateurs and pros alike pay a daily dig fee (sometimes these places are free, but they’re typically just a few bucks per day). You bring your own equipment (some places have rental equipment too) and just get dirty for as long as you want!

Before you hate on this idea for being lame, we challenge you to try it at least once….while high. Pulling a million-year-old Amethyst crystal out of the dirt while you’re blazed is not only a welcome change of pace from your 9-5 gig, but these things can actually have some value to them as well, once cleaned up. Chances are, if you give it a shot, you won’t just do it once! 


We debated putting this one on the list. Hiking is one of those things that everyone lists as an “interest” on their Bumble profile, but how many of you are actually doing it? This is easily the best time of year to get out in nature. Sure, you may have gotten wrangled into a hike 20 years ago by your parents, but there’s something different about experiencing those winding trails with a joint hanging from your lips. 

We don’t want to remind you of that hike with your parents, so we will refrain from cramming into your head, the importance of properly disposing your leftover weed wares and being aware of fire-risks in dry areas. Edibles may be the easiest choice on a hike for stealth, safety, and convenience. There are few places in the US that lack some sort of local hiking trails. Alltrails is an excellent (and free!) app that not only has most trails listed, but also provides up-to-date user feedback on trail conditions and things you should know before setting out on your journey. 

Backyard Tailgating

We’ve been wondering since March if football was going to happen this year and it looks like our wishes were granted. Things are a bit different now and season ticket holders are still probably salty that fans aren’t permitted or are limited to crowding stadiums. This also means that the classic act of tailgating is also not happening for most. 

It is probably not the best idea to host a football viewing party at your home, however, tailgating could still be accomplished safely outdoors! Being that you’re not in a public parking lot or on a university campus, this means you can add cannabis to the mix (because we know you totally weren’t breaking any possession rules before…). Try scrapping that chicken nugget party platter for a weed platter instead! 

Build a Firepit

These things are classic when it comes to outdoor activities. What better way to unwind by yourself or with some friends than blazing by the warmth of a fire pit? Throw some S’mores in the mix and you’ll likely have the neighbors inviting themselves over. Not only do firepits make Autumn feel complete, but the task of constructing one can be equally rewarding. 

Don’t let your friends reap the benefits without contributing though. Offer a two blunt bounty for anyone who spends the day helping dig out the area and lay the pavers for the fire pit. Long gone are the days of “pizza and beer” as a means of convincing friends to help out. It may sound like a pain in the ass at first, but fire pits really are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Fall 2020 Doesn’t Have to Be Lame!

Obviously, these ideas are just to get the gears turning. There are countless ways that you can spend some much-needed outdoor time with friends and family now that the Summer sun isn’t making you sweat. There’s something special about the rush of cool, crisp air into your lungs after exhaling your favorite Fall strain [INSERT LINK TO FALL STRAINS 2020 PIECE]. Call us crazy, but there’s just something about this time of year that makes the weed hit differently. 

While you’re probably already wearing your sweatpants (who isn’t these days?), you may want to hop on Amazon and find yourself a nice, warm coat since you’ll be spending more time outdoors this Fall. Worst case, you get so damn stoned trying to cope with the cold weather that you don’t come back to your senses until Spring 2021. We call that, “high-bernation”.   



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