Increase Your Sativa’s Creativity Buzz by Using Hemp Wick

Increase Your Sativa’s Creativity Buzz by Using Hemp Wick

Increase Your Sativa's Creativity Buzz by Using Hemp Wick

Increase Your Sativa’s Creativity Buzz by Using Hemp Wick

Admit it…if you’ve worked from home in the past year, at some point you’ve said to yourself, “well…I could probably take a hit to get the creative juices flowing” before looking at the clock only to realize that it is barely 10AM. Now, we’re not exactly condoning being stoned in the workplace, but we do want to throw a little information your way in case you ever find yourself in dire need of increasing your Sativa’s creativity buzz by using hemp wick. 

Understanding Why Sativa Strains Can Lead to Creativity

A common misconception is that cannabis strains can be categorized as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Although until the past few years this concept hasn’t exactly been invalid, it’s just that we have a much better understanding of cannabis now than we did back in the day when the Sativa/Indica categories were the only means of differentiating genetics. 

More recently, the concept of Sativa/Indica has gone the way of identifying strains by their terpene profiles instead. That’s because researchers have been able to further isolate the compounds that make up the cannabis plant. What they’ve discovered is that terpene profiles are a much more accurate way of determining the effects that a specific plant may have on the user. In other words, a strain that is commonly known as a Sativa like Sour Diesel, when compared to another common Sativa like Durban Poison, may present completely different effects in you than they do in your friends. 

Less than five years ago, we would have probably expected the friendly neighborhood budtender to pitch Sour Diesel and Durban Poison as “interchangeable” because “they’re both Sativas”, but that’s no longer the case, at least not under the watch of informed budtenders. What we now know is that Sour Diesel and Durban Poison, while both considered Sativas, have very different terpene profiles. Sour Diesel’s dominant terpene is Caryophyllene and Durban Poison’s dominant terpene is Terpinolene. If we dig deeper, we can see that Sour Diesel lacks Terpinolene found in Durban Poison and vice versa. Reviews of both of these strains put them at nearly identical levels of “energizing effects” and users report very similar effects of each across the board.

So, What’s the Difference?

Just like cannabis, the genetics of humans are also unique. This means our bodies react differently based on how we metabolize and utilize certain compounds. Have you ever been smoking with your buddies only to find that you’re not really feeling much while the others are completely zooted? While you may have thought that you needed a T-break or that you just had some sort of superhuman power, the more likely scenario is that your body was simply not as sensitive to the dominant terpene(s) found in that particular strain that everyone was smoking. 

This means that the idea of telling your budtender “just give me any Sativa” may not be in your best interest. If you’re a fiend for data (and getting the most bang for your buck), it may behoove you to begin a weed journal where you make a note of the particular strain that you’re smoking, how it affects you, and any other notable variables. Of course, this isn’t mandatory and if you’re not data hungry, you can probably get by with making mental notes if there’s a strain that really works well for you (…but c’mon…how many mental notes have you actually retained when you’ve made them stoned?)

Ehh… Sativa/Indica Titles Work Fine for Me

Look, we’re not saying you have to change the way that you do things. There is still a degree of Sativas being dominant in terpenes associated with creativity, focus, and getting shit done just like Indicas are typically dominant in terpenes that will make you become one with your couch. It is totally plausible that Sativa terps effect you similarly across the board. Think about it like this, if you have a general headache and someone offers you a Tylenol, but you prefer Advil, you’re not going to turn them down because “Tylenol won’t work”, right? The same concept applies with terpenes. Just because you prefer Sativas that are dominant in pinene, doesn’t mean you’re going to turn down a Sativa that’s heavy in limonene. 

In the same respect, you may be completely stubborn comfortable continuing to use the Sativa/Indica nomenclature and that’s cool! We can still be friends and we will even keep smiling and waving when we see you yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off of your lawn, you regressive thing, you. 

How Does Hemp Wick Play a Role in This?

We’re so glad you asked! This is a topic that we’ve discussed at length before and this is an excellent opportunity to show how everything ties together to complete the circle! Terpenes are similar to cannabinoids (the compounds responsible for getting you high, like THC) in that they have boiling points. This is the temperature at which the compound evaporates from the plant matter. There are numerous charts available if you’re interested in the exact temperature that each terpene boils. 

When you roast a bowl of fresh flower with that industrial grade blow torch, you may think you look cool, but anyone in the know will feel bad that you’re wasting some of your bud’s potential in the process. Butane lighters can reach up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is multiples higher than the boiling points for most terpenes. When this flame reaches your flower, a significant amount of the terpenes are incinerated nearly instantly, which means they never make it to the end user and you’re not getting the most out of your weed. 

On the other hand, the flame produced by hemp wick is much more controlled and burns at a lower temperature than even traditional gas station butane lighters. We bet you’ve put two and two together by now and are hopefully seeing the light behind the importance of flame size. If not, let us spell it out for you…if you’re trying to get the most out of your cannabis in terms of terpene effects, utilizing a hemp wick will very likely be a valuable tool. That’s because the additional flame control permitted by hemp wick can result in more terpenes making it to your lungs. In terms of Sativas, this means that there’s a good chance using hemp wick will boost the level of creativity you feel. 

Oh Yeah? Prove It!

Gladly! We’re so confident in hemp wick’s ability to change your entire weed experience, we’re willing to send anyone a free sample at no charge! No credit card info needed or shady stuff, just tell us where to ship the sample and we will let the hemp wick do the rest of the talking. We constantly receive feedback from devout hemp wick users who were once skeptical. The number of times we’ve heard things like “wow…it really does change the flavor of my weed! No more burnt charcoal taste!” or “I used to cough like a newbie before trying hemp wick” and “hemp wick made even my crappy ditch weed taste like top-shelf dank”. But we get it…those are anecdotal reports so the best thing we can advise is to try it out for yourself! We’re positive that you won’t be disappointed!

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