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5 Stars

"5 out of 5 stars no doubt about it! This hemp wick is amazing. This has to be me and my boyfriend's favorite hemp wick of all time. It's definitely organic because there is no burning scent at all and the beeswax coating is thick and coated evenly. Agh such an amazing buy; I definitely would recommend it to anyone!"

-Lylah (New 2016 Customer)

5 Stars

"Absolutely amazing. Met and exceeded all of my expectations. I occasionally smoke cigars and pipe tobacco, and I don't smell or taste butane ... The burn is amazingly slow, the "ash" dissolves into the air, there's absolutely zero dripping, it's incredible. If I could give this more stars, I would. Seriously, it's worth it."

-Mark (New 2016 Customer)

5 Stars

"Love this hemp wick. Burns well -- nice and slow and steady. The best out of all I've used! Really pleasant faint aroma that's difficult to describe... reminds me of riding a horse in the summer from when I was a kid. Feels good in hand, not at all sticky. Since I was very pleased with the first spool, I've ordered about 3 more times, and every spool in every shipment has been consistently high quality. Packaging is excellent. Highly recommend this Twisted Bee hemp wick."

-Julie (New 2016 Customer)