Why You Should Use a Hemp Wick to Light Your Weed

Why You Should Use a Hemp Wick to Light Your Weed


Why You Should Use a Hemp Wick to Light Your Weed

Why You Should Use a Hemp Wick to Light Your Weed

Do you think that Olympic sprinters spend their entire lives training, only to use the crappiest shoes that they can find during a competition? Do you think that elite formula 1 drivers aren’t concerned about the quality of their tires because they’ve got the “total package” in terms of all other aspects? So why would you spend your time selecting and purchasing bud with hard-earned money, carefully preparing it in a grinder, and meticulously packing a bowl only to blast it with a hot ass torch? We can sense your face turning red from being called out like that, but its cool, we got you! After we discuss why you should use a hemp wick to light your weed, we can almost guarantee that your friends will stop making fun of you behind your back (at least for smoking them out with charcoal tasting weed…we can’t help with the other issues). 

Reason #1 - Improved Taste, Less Coughing

If you’ve been reading our blog for very long, you’re used to us driving home the fact that bigger is not always better. Sure…there are times where bigger is actually better (get your mind out of the gutter…we’re talking bonuses at work, bags of weed, and your bank account balance), but in the case of the flame source used to light your bud, chances are that you need to dial it down. 

Like most smokers out there, you’re probably guilty of instinctually grabbing the closest (possibly stolen from your friend) butane lighter the instant you pack a bowl. As you bring the bowl and lighter to your face, you get a whiff of the freshly ground bud. For a moment you relish in what you’re about to taste as you inhale, only to have that thought abruptly disrupted by the hacking and coughing that ensues from absolutely roasting the flower. Just like that, the dream of inhaling your sweet weed is transformed into a nightmare of gasping for fresh air to get the burnt taste from your mouth. 

Sound all too familiar? Most of this is caused by the high temperature of the butane lighter that you’re using. Butane lighters can burn at nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and those fancy windproof torch style lighters can register upwards of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit! Putting this into perspective, the terpenes and flavonoids in your cannabis typically boil off in the 100-400 degree Fahrenheit range and actual combustion of the flower beings to occur at around 450-500 degrees. So, slamming it with a flame that exceeds this by multiples will, dare we say, always make your bud taste like shit! However, hemp wick’s controlled and lower temperature flame is going to change that entire experience and you’ll likely start tasting those subtle undertones of your weed. And you thought that budtender was just being pretentious when he sold you on the “hint of fresh dragon fruit and chocolate” 

Reason #2 - It Eliminates Exposure to Questionable Byproducts

Stoners, for the most part, don’t seem to be fond of the idea that they’re inhaling potentially harmful chemical byproducts by using traditional lighters. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop most of them from continuing this dying practice. The beauty of using hemp wick to light your weed is that you are permitting yourself (and those around you) from exposure to the byproduct gasses produced by butane lighters. 

Sure, it is easy to overlook the potential for who knows what conditions emerging down the road as a result of using traditional lighters, but why risk it? Grab some hemp wick and rest a bit easier knowing that you’re eliminating some of the potentially nasty chemical byproducts in your life. Remember, at one point in time we also thought that cigarettes and tanning were completely safe as well. Who knows what future studies will reveal about butane lighters?

Reason #3 - You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

Hemp wick burns at an incredibly slow rate. We would just about bet that a spool of hemp wick will last much longer than your 99-cent gas station lighter. Additionally, to piggyback off of reason #1, you will likely notice your bud lasting longer as well, thus visiting your plug…err…dispensary less frequently. This is due to that lower temperature, controlled flame that we discussed. Traditional lighters tend to burn your flower violently and oftentimes it will continue to smolder while you’ve wandered off to remedy your coughing fit. Hemp wick tends to reduce this issue, meaning more green waiting for your return. All this said, it is possible that you end up spending more money because you switched to hemp wick, but that’s only going to be because you’ve finally realized how delicious cannabis can taste when a flame isn’t destroying the flavor. 


Reason #4 - It is Natural (And Convenient!)

More often than not, if you ask someone for feedback on a natural product they use, you’ll get a response like “well…it is nice to know that I’m using a natural product, but if I’m being honest, it doesn’t seem to work/hold up/perform as well as synthetic alternatives”. Hemp wick is the outlier here. Not only are you using cannabis to light your cannabis (hemp is just the term we use for a cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC), but it performs better than butane lighters in nearly all aspects! Another issue commonly presented with natural goods is the convenience factor, but we’ve yet to meet someone who complained that hemp wick was inconvenient to carry around. It sure beats the hell out of keeping tabs on a disposable lighter!

Reason #5 - Everyone Will Think You’re Cool AF… 

…Or if you’re smoking solo, you’ll feel cool af. All jokes aside though, it is 2021 and if you ask around, you’ll probably find that the general population of stoners feel like lugging a disposable lighter around to use on your flower is, well…a little trashy. Not that anyone using still using these should be considered trashy, just that there’s a bit of a stereotype that comes along with it. If you think we’re full of shit, try it out for yourself! Whip out your hemp wick (don’t have any? We’ll hook you up with a free sample! [insert free sample link]) around your friends and see where the conversation leads. You’ll be steady converting folks! 

We could keep going, but we’re not sure how many more reasons you need to at least give hemp wick a shot. With our free sample program (and we truly mean FREE), there’s literally no risk for you and therefore, no sound reason that you shouldn’t give hemp wick a shot if. Doesn’t matter if you’re a wake-n-baker or if you smoke once a year, lighting your weed with hemp wick will revolutionize your experience. 

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