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Summer Strains 2020: Popular Marijuana Strains to Beat the Heat

June 20th marks the official first day of summer and you can admit it, this year will look a bit different than previous years.  Just a few months ago, you likely envisioned yourself spending the summer of 2020 working on that golden tan, late nights partying with your friends and milking hangovers. Well, we have some good news and some bad news. Unless you’ve recently suffered a “greenout” (the stoner’s version of a blackout) or have gone off the grid completely, you've already figured out the bad news. We’re in the middle of some wild times worldwide and the traditional, idyllic summer is likely not in the cards for most of us. With everything else aside, some good news is that the cannabis industry is still booming!...

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Does Weed Really Mess Up Your Memory?

Does weed mess with your memory? It’s one of the most commonly seen stoner stereotypes you see; dudes who’ve blaze enough of the sweet sticky to scarcely remember their own name, let alone where they left the T.V. remote. Like many pop-culture depictions of ganja use, this one seems to have one foot each in both fact and fiction. We did a little internet digging to see what the hard evidence says. First things first; both scientific and anecdotal evidence tells us that marijuana use does affect short-term memory. Surprise surprise. It does so in two ways; it makes encoding memories (i.e. forming new ones) difficult while you’re still high, and it causes short-term difficulties in recall (i.e. remembering stuff)...

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