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Getting’ Paid (Part 2) - Employment in the Legal Cannabis Industry

  Getting Paid (Part 2) - Employment in the Legal Cannabis Industry Last year we published the first of a multi-part piece on one of the hottest topics in cannabis right now…legal cannabis careers. With the bulk of COVID behind us, we’re beginning to see trends of hiring sprees across the country. This stacked on top of the fact that 2020 destroyed most budgets across the country, businesses are moving at lightning pace to establish revenue streams that will make-up for last year’s losses. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the cannabis industry, which has recently been identified as the fastest growing industry in the country. With hundreds of thousands of full-time jobs being created in this canna-sector, we...

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Cannabis Degrees: The new HIGHer Education

Cannabis Degrees: The New HIGHer Education With the onset of the cannabis industry taking over the US job market and as more of the modernized states continue to legalize and destigmatize, it should go without saying that educational institutions have begun dipping their toes into the ability to offer students the option to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees in various aspects of cannabis. Considering the astronomical rate at which the cannabis industry is growing (and creating jobs), it should serve as no surprise that even high-school aged kids are starting to prepare for long-term roles in the canna-space by tailoring their undergraduate degrees to serve as a useful tool. That’s why we decided to take a moment and share...

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