How to Clean and Care for a Wooden Grinder

How to Clean and Care for a Wooden Grinder

Twisted Bee Wooden Grinder

There is nothing worse than settling down to smoke a bowl or roll a joint but your grinder is stuck shut from sticky build up. You’re left to pick apart your herb bit by bit, and honestly… no one has time for that! Grinder upkeep is not only a timesaver in the long run, but it will also allow you to get the most out of your herb and prolong the life of your grinder overall.

Grinders are made from a variety of different materials, from metal to plastic and acrylic. But there is something special about a wooden grinder. Their design is usually straightforward and lightweight – easy to throw into your kit and travel with. You don’t need to worry about it cracking like plastic or rusting like some metals. But like any grinder that you choose to use, it requires simple maintenance to ensure longevity and best results.

Keep it Clean

The absolute best way to ensure that your wood grinder rotates smoothly and breaks up your herb into even pieces is to clean it as much as possible. When grinding marijuana, the plant leaves behind a fine powder of concentrated matter known as kief. Because it is so condensed, adding kief to your smoking device will elevate your high and give you a stronger application of the particular strain’s benefits. But at the same time, its concentrated nature causes it to be very sticky and allows it to clump into resinous chunks if left unattended. It will cause your grinder to stick together and will only get worse the longer that you leave it.

I recommend brushing out your wood grinder after every few uses. A small toothbrush or paintbrush will allow you to get in between all of its teeth and will be gentle enough to not scratch or harm the wood. Using soft tools is important as using a knife or other sharp objects can create dents and grooves in the wood that would hold onto build-up.

Using soft tools is important as using a knife or other sharp objects can create dents and grooves in the wood that would hold onto build-up.

Not only will regular brushing keep your grinder smooth and fresh, but you’ll also get to use all of the tasty kief that you brush out to spice up your next bowl!

Remember - do not use soap or any other kind of chemical on a wooden grinder! Because wood is porous it can absorb the chemicals and possibly impart them onto your herb the next time that you use it. Simply brush out all of the build-up and kief and your grinder will remain clean and smooth. Pro-tip: for a little extra protection you can rub a small amount of food-grade oil over the surface of your grinder! Not only will this keep the wood looking glossy and bright but it will add a layer of protection from stickiness and other concerns!

The Daily Grind

Your grinder will “tell” you when it needs some extra love. The more you use it, the more build-up will get in the way of smooth rotations. If it feels clunky while grinding you know it needs a bit of a brush up. If your grinder has a magnetic closure, make sure that you don’t get bits of weed in between where the magnets touch to guarantee that it closes all the way and stays shut while in use. Those that use their grinder often will find that the cleaner you keep it; the better results you’ll get. For fresh, uniform bits of herb keep your grinder tidy, dry, and well-kept. You’ll be thankful for the results and it is a massive time-saver in the long run!

We see using a grinder as another awesome way to get the most out of your herb – but we also understand that you don’t need a bunch of crazy gadgets to have a successful sesh. Wood grinders are straightforward and very easy to use. And having a consistent and small-grain grind of marijuana allows for better absorption and a smoother lighting experience. Just make sure to keep it clean and enjoy that daily grind!

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