5 Things You’ll be Very Glad to Hear You Can Infuse with Weed

5 Things You’ll be Very Glad to Hear You Can Infuse with Weed

Edibles are having a bit of a moment right now. With pot’s increasing position in the pop-cultural spotlight, legalization in certain states and people just apparently being really into food nowadays... it’s no wonder people are experimenting with grandma's old brownie recipe.

Feel like experimenting but tired of the same old pot brownies? Read on and get inspired.

Hot Chocolate

If normal hot chocolate is basically a big ol’ hug in a mug, weed-infused hot chocolate must be… I don’t know, a double hug? I mean really, this is basically a way of combining the two most relaxing things known to humanity. It sounds especially great during winter but, really, most of us would be happy to drink this any time of year. You can find a video tutorial on how to whip one of these up here, via. Munchies. Mmm... tasty.


There are a bunch of companies nowadays shilling beer and spirits made with hemp; but how would you go about making your own cannabis-infused alcohol (we’ll take the leap of faith here and assume that that’s something you’d like to do; hope you’re with us on this one). The old-school way to do this would be to dry a bunch of herb out and leave it sitting in a bottle of high-proof alcohol for a long time; but there are better ways out there.

Ever heard of Green Dragon? This is the slightly ominous sounding name of a weed-infused liquor invented by one particularly enterprising New York bartender named Jon using a modern “nitrous” infusion technique; basically, infusing liquor with different products using a whipped cream charger. Find out more about that, and how you can try to make your own, here at PopSci. Don’t get too lit, folks.

Tea & Coffee

Now this sounds like a way to start your day. Again, Munchies has what sounds like a killer Bulletproof Coffee recipe, using cannabis butter. If a speedball like that in the morning sounds a bit too intense for you (which, fair enough), marijuana tea has much older roots tracing back to Jamaica and India and sounds like a way more chill way to start your day. Leafscience has a simple recipe for that.


This one is genius in its simplicity. Everyone who has any experience with edibles will know all about making cannabis butter (the THC-infused buttery goodness that makes weed brownies and cookies what they are). Weed Popcorn only really calls for replacing the normal butter in butter popcorn with the marijuana infused variety. Why don’t they sell this at movie theaters all over the country? Oh right… Shout out to Buzzfeed for this simple recipe.


We’re not even joking. Yes, in a recipe that seems tailor-made for the modern-era, a few enterprising stoners have apparently figured out a way to infuse bacon with cannabis. And it’s not even that hard! Recipes basically just call for you to grind up your weed, bake it for about 45 minutes or so to dry it out, and then to sprinkle it over pieces of bacon before cooking them in the oven. The bacon fat takes care of releasing the THC (as if it was butter). Thanks to Leafly for the tip.

So there you have it: a few ideas for your next weed infusion. Don’t worry we won’t tell grandma. Is anyone else feeling hungry? 

Let us know about others you have experimented with in the comments below!

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