4 Tips on How to Clean Your Grinder

4 Tips on How to Clean Your Grinder

There’s nothing worse than a sticky, clogged up grinder. Weed collects over time, making them harder to use and way less effective. Beyond that, it just starts to get kind of gross.

Here are a few tips for keeping your grinder nice and clean (and shaving valuable seconds off of your rolling time).

Put it in the freezer

This is actually a good place to start before getting into the manual cleaning process (especially if your grinder is in need of a real deep clean). Take your grinder apart and place each of the separate parts into your freezer. You won’t need more than 30 minutes to an hour; just long enough for that stubborn, sticky plant matter that can coat the inside of your grinder to freeze, making it far easier to dislodge. Try putting your grinder back together and giving it a good, hard shake; open it up and much of the troublesome stuff should fall right out.

A toothbrush

You might have stumbled across this method in desperation, but it’s actually effective; a toothbrush can get right into the nooks and crannies between the teeth. If you’re using a more complex grinder, this is also the perfect piece of equipment to use on the mesh grinder screen used to collect kief; just be gentle, as this part of the grinder is much easier to damage than the other sturdier ones. No need for toothpaste though, and tempting as it may, you’ll probably want to wash it off before using it on your teeth again.

Use alcohol

This is the best method for giving your grinder a deep, exfoliating cleanse and have it looking brand new. Pick up a bottle of ISO (Isopropyl) rubbing alcohol; this is strong enough to really break down those stubborn bits of weed gunk that might stand up to toothbrushes or water get lodged into the grinder. You can choose to either take the grinder apart and let it soak totally in a bowl of the alcohol or (perhaps if your grinder is made of more delicate material) use a q-tip to dab the alcohol into problem areas.

Hot water & detergent

Using an acrylic (plastic) grinder rather than a metal or wooden one? Then rubbing alcohol might be a little stronger than you need; luckily, there’s an easy solution. Go old school: use water. Hey, sometimes the most obvious solution is just the one to go for. Just take the grinder apart into all of its separate parts before soaking, and make sure to scrub it all down and let each part dry thoroughly; you don’t want your next joint flavoured with a light seasoning of soap. Looking for a new grinder to keep all nice, clean and tidy?

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