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4 Awesome Organic Smoking Aids

One of the greatest things about herb’s growing legitimacy is that you can find better and better ways to just smoke. The days of scrounging scrunched up papers and rolling up a dirty Post-It for a roach are over. In fact, for the more health and earth-conscious among us, there are more and more organic smoking aids out there to make toking up cleaner than ever before.

Our own hemp wick is organic for a number of reasons (more on that in a bit). But what other organic smoking products are out here? Here are a handful of some of your better options.


via Raw

RAW don’t call themselves “the natural way to roll” for nothing. While the rolling paper company made a name for themselves with their range of classic, natural and unrefined range of rolling papers, they now offer organic hemp papers, made from organically grown, chlorine free hemp. It offers a unique flavor but also a clean, slow burn and they come in a variety of forms too; creaseless, rolls and even cones.

As a bonus, RAW also make fiber-based tips to create the best possible (and cleanest) roaches; like their papers, these are also natural and totally unfiltered.

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Bear Blend

via Bear Blend

Some don’t want to smoke tobacco, but do want something else mixed in whether it’s for smoothness, making their smokes go further or even just flavor. Bear Blend is a certified organic, additive free herbal smoke blend. It can be smoked by itself or as part of a mix and they even make their own e-liquids. Their website is extensive, with info on each of the individual herbs that goes into the blend.

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All-Natural Wraps Traditional blunt wraps are one of the unhealthiest ways to smoke; it’s easy to forget, but they are made from tobacco leaves. SuperLeaf takes care of that by offering Vegetable Blunt Wraps, uniquely made up from vegetables like lettuce, corn and cabbage. The process is organic, and the vegetables themselves are grown with no GMOs.

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Twisted Bee Organic Hemp Wick

Twisted Bee Organic Hemp Wick

You thought we’d leave ourselves out? One of the best things about lighting up with our wicks is that you have a middleman between whatever you’re smoking and your lighter; that means no nasty flavors and no butane or noxious gasses contaminating everything. They also hold a lower temperature flame, which adds to the cooler temperature and smoothness of smoke and, even better, are made from the highest quality ingredients around. 100% organic without a GMO in sight.

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