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The Dreaded T-Break - What to do when your bud no longer gets you high

For frequent consumers of cannabis, it’s not uncommon to build a tolerance to the effects of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Over time, more is needed to reach the same level of pain relief, same high, etc. Unfortunately, with the advent of high-THC everything, it’s easy to build up a tolerance. These days it’s not uncommon for strains to contain over 20% THC. So, even if you only spark up joints, it could soon take more to reach your desired high. In response, many people are taking what are called “tolerance breaks” from cannabis, in order to reach that elusive virgin-level tolerance. The definition of a tolerance-break, or “T-break” is just a period of reducing or abstaining from cannabis use. It’s a...

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